ALUMNA - Decentralisation of Global Education Markets

Welcome to ALUMNA - our DAPP is a platform for financial inclusion in global education markets. See our pitch deck attached here:

Millions of students are unbankable and can’t get access to quality education and technical skills to be able to build their local economies. Alumna uses DEFI and ethereum in a special way to provide education access to a market of potentially over 250 million people! Alumna also provides a platform for digital (impact investors) to invest in students while getting a economic return and also positive social impact.



Alumna’s mission is to solve the global higher education debt crisis within a fintech ecosystem through the digital economy.

The world is in a 2 trillion dollar student debt crisis which means less credit is available to students in emerging markets and underprivileged students in developed countries to be able to study.

Protocol Design

A new way of investing, favouring the financial inclusion of unbanked students around the world to contribute to socio economic growth and development. Using ethereum and ether through transferring value to unbanked students by digital impact investors and getting a return on their investments,.


Alumna is ready to get to market ! We are beta testing and are ready to support students to succeed who really need the platform and funding. Please see impact projects here:

Funds Requested

10000 DAI to be allocated among key contributors to seed the execution of Alumna to building and connecting the application layer community of crypto community

Capacity Building Request

Helping our team get to the next level with grant funding and operational support. User and customer feedback. Branding and visual design, community development strategy.