Another Treasury Proposal Ze Paladins

It’s about time to make another couple proposals, I suggest something like 25-50% of our treasury into stables so that we can continue to to fund grants, ops, and possible by more ETH when the price tanks. Can I get a quick vote on peoples thoughts on this before I trigger a working group discussion ?

Current Treasury Amounts

  • Turn 25% of the treasury into stable’s / 110 wETH = $495,000
  • Turn 40% of the treasury into stable’s / 176 wETH = $792,000
  • Turn 50% of the treasury into stable’s / 220 wETH = $990,000
  • Don’t turn any of the treasury into stables🤬

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The plan is to move whatever portion we decide into a gnosis safe controlled by the Paladins, then bridge it over to main-net to make swaps periodically over the next quarter. Plan is open to discussion though :speaking_head:

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Strongly support this proposal to safeguard Metacartel and continuity of its operations during a downturn.

Quick signal on Discord says that 25% is the winner, I’m going to start triggering buys of 10 ETH now and then we can discuss it more on this weeks Townhall.

Will be using the Minion to swap with SushiSwap.