Apps Marketplace for DAOs Grant Application

While we already have a live prototype and a small working community this post is not yet a formal proposal and we are not requesting any vote on it, yet. We are simply gauging interest and looking for collaborators. We will update this post as the project evolves and ultimately apply for funding.

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Integrating existing w2/3 apps into DAOs is hard to impossible.


Make it easier for DAOs to integrate existing w2/3 apps.

Rapid development of Boosts, Apps, Extension for DAOs


An open source, decentralized system that integrates with major DAO frameworks.

Uses cases

  • Trigger and batch salary payments from BambooHR, Gusto or other HR solutions for vote/signature, execute or start streams (Superfluid) and write transaction details back into HR systems
  • Setup a Google, or TypeForm to capture payment requests and pass them manually or automated for vote. After execution, write transaction details back into the source sheet.
  • Build a grant management app using Airtable where grantees provide project details and wallet addresses, review and manage the grant process using custom Airtable interfaces and define grant release milestones. Automatically pass prescreened grants to approval or signature to DAO/MultiSi/Metamask. Update transaction IDs on Airtable then release grants when milestones are met with additional votes.
  • Create a custom dApp that allows members, team and contractors to request payments while signing with their wallet. Release payment as withdrawals minimizing transaction failures and providing integral, trustless reporting.
  • Batch multiple invoices from Web3 DApps like smart Invoice, Request or Bullla for voting as proposals or signature. Transfer funds back into dApp at execution.
  • Automatically write data from any of the above processes into accounting tools like Xero, Quickbooks and Netsuite and/or push data into data warehouses on Google or Amazon for ETL processing and customized reporting.
  • Connect with Zapier to receive or send any custom data set resulting from interaction with treasury or proposals functions in the DAO.


We have a prototype product that demonstrates the ease of use that can be achieved with our approach. The product is live (and yet audited!) on the Google Chrome Store and can be used to send native tokens on Harmony and Ethereum. The product will achieve its first 100k of transactions in February 2022. Developed with a Harmony Grants Hackathon wins!

We are currently engaging with leading DAOs, DAO Frameworks, DAO Tools and multiple chains to collaborate on the project.