ArchiDAO: decentralizing research in architecture




We are a group of architects, who want to create a DAO focused on funding architectural research.


ArchiDAO is dedicated to finding novel ways of connecting architecture and blockchain in order to make new findings and develop potential inventions. Real world architecture is a complex process with many stakeholders and parties, that’s why we believe using blockchain in this field might yield very interesting innovations connected to solid improvements of workflows currently used. The challenges of the 21st century will require more focus on evidence-based design and sustainability.

Product Value

  1. DAO creates parallel resources for supporting architectural research.

  2. DAO unites researchers, architects, developers and the general public to discuss the importance of innovations in architecture.

  3. DAO supports sustainable approaches in the architecture and building industry.

  4. DAO will organize idea / architecture competitions in order to come up with reasonable new requirements for technologies.


As architects we see great potential in connecting architecture and blockchain, but we didn’t yet have the opportunity to validate it.


We want to start our DAO by raising money from the NFT sale, these NFTs will be used for voting and DAO governance. Part of the raised money will be used to purchase the first czech 3D printed house Prvok. Then we plan to create a cross-platform NFT treasure hunt game with Prvok as the main prize. Here is more about the idea:

TheHunt is meant to attract attention and create a stronger community around our DAO. We see this project as a great opportunity for starting DAO, however future goals and projects shall be more focused on research.


As far as we know no other DAO focused on architectural research exists. There are some architectural themed DAOs, but mostly they focus on development and decentralized real estate ownership. We also have a unique starting project, which has potential to attract a lot of people.


Jiří Vele (architect, doing PhD at Faculty of architecture, CTU in Prague, topic of his research is: robotic concrete 3D printing)

Šimon Prokop (architect, doing PhD at Faculty of architecture, CTU in Prague, topic of his research is: acoustics )

Theo Dounas (architect, researcher, teacher, developer)

Grant Request

$10,000 to support the creation of ArchiDAO. Money will go towards developing smart contracts, web design, NFT graphics design and community events.


We would appreciate feedback for our project proposal, looking for enthusiasts willing to help us.

Additional Resources

Discord server:

Twitter: @TheHuntNFT


Will appreciate any feedback!

Here’s a few questions we need to solve and would appreciate some feedback to:

  1. Why would any crypto enthusiast would like to become a member of ArchiDAO?
    Answer: Archi DAO’s projects will generate revenue and part of the gains will be redistributed to members. However we thing long term in this manner, so even a research projects might turn in some gains after their inventions start to be used regularly.
  2. How big should the DAO be?
    Answer: We plan to have 100 Genesis NFTs, because such community can still be quite agile in decision-making. After The Hunt is finished, those who own Prvok NFTs might join the DAO.