Atlantis World // Grant Proposal

Hey everyone,

We’re super excited to apply for a grant & receive brutal, constructive feedback from you, as well as some support.

Atlantis World

A virtual world where you can live, work, play + earn: we are building the first lightweight metaverse enabling interactive, token-gated community spaces powered by secure DeFi.

We want to transform open metaverse into an accessible (lightweight) open metaverse that plugs into DeFi applications, whilst gamifying the DeFi + Web3 experience to onboard + educate new users.

We’d also like to experiment with other powerful implementations, such as: planting virtual trees that continuously offset carbon by plugging into protocols like Superfluid ( + CO2ken (

Our vision for Atlantis is a democratized virtual world governed by its users where you can…

  • Live: experience new things, own + share property, spend time with your friends, learn (in our Web3 Academy, more on that later), grow together!
  • Work: video/audio call in private, exclusive spaces (powered by token gating) with your colleagues; gamified DAO voting;
  • Play: enjoy mini-games, build spaces;
  • Earn: earn interest on your crypto assets in a secure way; access fair lending, play to earn models.


We believe existing virtual worlds in Web3 are clunky, difficult to load without interruption & neglect the flourishing DeFi ecosystem. On top of that, there are currently no virtual worlds or games that are embracing the community spirit of crypto / Web3 by enabling private & exclusive spaces gated by proof of token ownership (using standards including ERC20, ERC721, ECR155).

This results in a landscape whereby virtual worlds:
a) aren’t accessible due to a high-cost barrier of entry, for example, a base requirement of purchasing the latest iPad or gaming PC;
b) communities can’t build or gather in exclusive, token gated spaces in games / virtual worlds;
c) users of virtual worlds are left without access to secure lending or high interests savings accounts whilst immersed in the ecosystem.


We are leveraging the power & familiarity of 2D spaces & easy-to-load pixel art to make virtual worlds in Web3 globally accessible, whilst integrating drop-in video calling like on and allowing our users to deposit interest-bearing assets such as Aave aTokens inside of any land parcels or buildings native to Atlantis World (which will be completely user-owned NFTs).

Beyond that, we’re exploring DeFi & web3 integrations (IE with DAOHaus/Aragon → to enable gamified DAO experiences) to provide more value to our users & web3 communities.


Please, see here: Atlantis World - Investor Deck - Google Slides


  • Interviewed 50+ in Web3, received great community validation from KOLs, communities & KERNEL network. We have also received valuable feedback from Russian, Turkish & Korean markets.
  • Presented live to 100+ at KERNEL Showcase.
  • Presented live on Charged Particles Community Call.
  • Personally reached out to our favorite Web3 communities such as KERNEL network, CryptoPunks, Polygon, BAYC, FRWC, BlackPool, Rekt & many more.
  • Joined Hackathons like NFT Vision Hack, HackFS.
  • Met fantastic people @ EthCC, Hackathon & side events (such as DAOist), atm exploring integrations possibilities with Collab Land (James loved the idea + progress), BlackPool, DxDAO, and many more!
  • Received validation from top players like Vitalik, Jutta from Parity, Aleksander from Axie Infinity, etc.
  • Been encouraged to apply for grants by Meta Cartel’s members such as Peter (pet3rpan), Sydney Lai, James Young, DAOHaus team, Cooper (coopahtroopa), Manu Alzuru → all of them we’ve met in person.


  • Gained 200+ early access sign-ups for our beta testing.
  • Pitched #3 Atlantis World @ KERNEL Showcase (from top 25 out of 124 projects), with top players such as DeFI Alliance & Web3 Foundation joining us on our booth.
  • Joined Charged Particles’ dApp Accelerator Program.
  • Received grant funding Polygon & onboarded advisors.
  • Connected with Protocol Labs mentors, shared our deck & demo.
  • Built v0.3 of our demo.


  1. Lightweight & accessible;
  2. Token gated & exclusive;
  3. Web3/DeFi enabled & native.


Learn more about our team & contributors here: Atlantis World - Investor Deck - Google Slides

Grant Request

$10,000 USD


We’ve received a small grant from Polygon, fully reinvested in design + product dev.


We’d highly appreciate your help:

  1. intro to communities, projects, investors, builders;
  2. help with community building, GTM & growth;
  3. legal & mentorship;
  4. we are considering NFT sale / alternative fundraising.

Additional Resources

DeckAtlantis World - Investor Deck - Google Slides

Demo (v0.3) →

Thank you!

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Happy to share our progress since my last message(within 2+ weeks):

  • Increased early access sign-ups for our beta testing to 300+
  • Built v0.4 of our demo, integrating Aave, IPFS, Filecoin, The Graph, Metamask, Audius, complete with chat function inside of token gated CryptoPunks space.
  • Explored integrations with top players such as Aave, Uniswap, Yearn, Protocol Labs, DeCentral Games,, Gitcoin + others.
  • New landing page live at
  • Presented live at Polygon August Adrenaline event to 300+ as well as presenters from Aavegotchi, SushiSwap + The Graph.
  • Presented live to HackFS judges: Atlantis World · ETHGlobal Showcase
  • Won “Best DeFi project built on Polygon” and prizes from Aave, Audius @ HackFS (by ETHGlobal).
  • Received an $AUDIO grant from Audius to join players like TikTok in helping to grow the decentralized music streaming ecosystem.