Behind The Handle - Funding

I think we should fund @helmass for his Behind The Handle series.

I will let him post the links to current articles and his funding request, but so far the content has been spectacular, no shilling, well researched and well executed.

There is no monetary strategy for this series yet, so I think a grant would help him to execute the next 5-10 without trying to worry about monetization.

Plus, maybe he focuses on some of the more amazing MC members that have yet to be exposed if we support this initiative.


Thanks for posting Yalor.

The creator : helmass (Ryan)

Hi everyone, I recently started a series (1st release during MCON) that explores the people contributing to DAOs. The idea is really just about humanizing the people contributing within DAOs. My style is a somewhat obscure mix of gonzo journalism and free-form writing.

I have published four articles, with a fifth to drop sometime later this week. Up until this point, all of my work has been centered around MetaCartel DAO members. I would like to keep it within the MetaCartel ecosystem for my next five.

The work
The typical workflow consists of a few hours of research on the person I’m interviewing. A one-hour interview. Writing. Editing. And publishing. The work is +70% about the person and less about the work they are doing (however you still get a good flavor).

Here are the links to my latest articles.

Funding request
$5,000 for the next five stories (1 every 2 weeks)

Impact/future plans
Increase membership and adoption by painting a picture of the people contributing to DAOs. As Yalor highlighted, there is no monetization strategy. My near-term goal is to continue to put out quality content. Once I receive enough market feedback that the work is solid, then I will start thinking of monetization.


Cool initiative!! And solid group of people interviewed :slight_smile:

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Seems like a great way of adding value to the community by showcasing some of our most well known members. I’m all for it

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+1 these were great.

Also @helmass, my handle is @a_sos

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