Blockchain & Business Conference

Name of Event
Blockchain & Business.

Blockchain for business is an exclusive Blockchain meetup for builders and creators who are leveraging the different aspects of Blockchain solutions to build businesses, startups, and infrastructures.

The aim of this event is to onboard a vast number of creators to have deep conversations beyond prices and tokenomics of different cryptocurrencies.

While the market is on a downtrend, it offers builders, creatives, and developers opportunities to build long-lasting solutions and businesses.

This meetup conversation will span new perspectives in the crypto space, DAOs, business developments, building startups, grants, angel investors, accelerators, and how to handle the bear market, and emerging trends.

Description of Team
Adetunji Michael, is the Co-founder and Team Lead at Blockchain O.A.U, the premier Blockchain club in Nigeria University, the University club is instrumental to the setting up over 15 campus clubs across other Universities in Nigeria. Michael is a Web3 expert who began via steemit in 2017 with experience leading Blockchain O.A.U 2021 conference team with over 1500 participants and several other successful Web3 meetups as a core team member, volunteer.

The event is Co-Hosted by Ojelolo John Tunmise, with several similar experience and serial Blockchain and crypto educator that has onboarded over 800 to Web3 space via online and offline events.

Timeline and Location.
The event is designed to be held on the 28th of January at Opolo Innovation Hub, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria.

Funds Usage and amount Requested.
Funds requested will be used for the following;

  • Venue
  • Sound System
  • Facilitators, logistics, Hotels
  • Refreshments for Attendees, Photography, Media, Designs, Backdrops, Publicity

Amount Requested: 750$

Why does this Matter.
Our goal is to create exposure and facilitate deeper understanding of profitable business concepts on the Blockchain while also facilitating potential partnerships for participants, potential job opportunities and giving room for next solutions on the Blockchain and encouraging these startups to deploy their solutions on Ethereum ecosystem.

List of Other sponsors.
We have received a sponsorship of 250$ from Starkware.

If funded, we are able to provide detailed photographs and access to media as well as interview to talk about the process, challenges and results.

Gnosis safe wallet address: 0x5f41754C5Cb0081057C95b2AEBd7036D703B784e

Hi @MichaelJerry

Thanks for your application. I have a few questions about the event itself - do you have any more information you can share about the event that we can see? Eg event materials, a landing page, as well as any detail on the proposed number of people coming etc?

Also, what kind of content will you run? And purely for my own interest, are there any conferences that you’ve been to in the past that you’re keen to model this event on?

Lastly, can you share profiles of yourself and your co-host too?


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Hi Dermot. Thank you

Here is a link to the topics that will be discussed at the event we have onboarded speakers such as top builders within the space, leads, and founders of different projects.

The event is strictly for Creatives, Developers, Product managers, marketers, startups, and founders of businesses Leveraging Blockchain solutions, APIs, or tools with many of the registered attendees working at top organizations and Web3 companies like Celo, Bankless, Near, and several other projects.

The focus of the conference is to talk about Building sustainable projects leveraging Blockchain, and blockchain tools and we will be exploring topics around Ideation to scaling, Technical topics such as deploying solutions on Ethereum Blockchain, and layer2 networks and hope to create an atmosphere that facilities partnerships between participating builders at the conference.

At the event, we expect an attendance of 100 (excluding volunteers) and at the moment we have received over 120 registrations.

We are using for our registration forms and you can keep track of the registrations in real-time with the link below.

Registration link

Registered participants so far.

You can also check pictures from the Blockchain conference in the same location where I lead the team of organizers in 2021 using two halls for the event and streaming online.

Here is a link to my profile on LinkedIn and John, the co-host to learn more about us.

Michael’s profile.

John’s profile

Here is the most updated event flyer we have so far.

Thank you.

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Thanks! Super helpful

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Hi @MichaelJerry !

I went through the google doc you shared that’s supposed to outline topics that will be discussed at the event. From the document your event seems unrelated to crypto and seemed 100% centered around startups and businesses.

Are you sure you’ve shared the right link?


Hi @s3unha s3unha.

Yeah, this is a crypto-focused event and we have made it strictly for Developers, creatives, and builders working in the space, the question we ask during the registration procedures helps us filter interest in the event and ensure the people attending are active builders either building their solutions or contributing to companies leveraging Web3, Blockchain solutions, infrastructures and APIs.

In Africa, many promising projects in the past have raised money without convincing success after such big announcements which could be attributed to failed business models, scalability, and understanding how business on the Blockchain operates.

In the international scene, projects like FTX, Defi protocols, and Luna are many others that have contributed largely to the current state of the market and have clearly shown it is important to have founders and contributed in the Web3 space equipped with this Knowledge, which is why we have included many of those basics topics and invited speakers with background building Blockchain companies or working at one at the moment.

Every topic listed will be considered from a blockchain business point of view.

In our Technical conversations at the event, we will be talking about ZK syncs, Rollups, Deploying on Ethereum, Polygon, starknet, building Web3 communities, testing applications, testnets, and Mainnet, building products that solve problems, and bringing about mass adoption in Web3 space.

Here is a profile of one of our speakers. A product designer at Web3 companies.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

The conference report and narration of the event.

The event on the 28th of January, with over 180 people registered via our online portal had over 135 participants and exceeded our earlier expectation to host just 100 this event.

Via sponsorship received from Metacartel,, and Starknet, we were able to manage the Human Resources and provide necessities for every attendee such as water, food for both speakers and attendees, and souvenirs for all our speakers.

Also, we provided branded merchandise for our volunteers and team and gave out a couple of merchandise during each question and answer section at the end of each speaker’s presentation.

We had 5 major speakers, each spending an average of 25 minutes speaking and 10 minutes extra at the end of their session to take questions.

The event started with an introductory session allowing participants to introduce themselves, and talk about why they are at the event and the solutions they are working on.

Our speakers spoke on the relevance of building sustainable products that are market fit and how the thought process of solutions on the blockchain must factor in easy onboarding and usage as a way to make mass onboarding and usage easier.

Speakers from Starknet also spoke about building solutions on the Blockchains, smart contracts, working with Blockchain engineers as a no-code entrepreneur with Israel Awosika from Web3Bridge diving deeper into models, structures, and building Blockchain solutions and talking about the Ethereum Blockchain and ecosystem.

Also speaking at the event, Titus Adenugba talked about product management and product design process with Bamidele (Batel) and also spoke on team management, policies, grants, and product acceleration.

We wrapped up the event with a networking session with all speakers and attendees allowing each person to connect, facilitate partnerships and share ideas.

Here is a link to the professionally edited pictures Seminar – Google Drive.

Our goal beyond the event is to further facilitate partnerships between the attendees and create room for more solutions on the Blockchain sharing relevant opportunities and fostering partnerships within the community.

Thanks so much for the support. It has helped us achieved the goal of the conference with many positive feedbacks from the attendees.

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gm Micheal,
If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to schedule post event conversations with you, for shared learnings.
Thank you,
telegram: @BorrowLucid

I just sent you a message on Telegram. Thank You.

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I just came across your post about the upcoming Blockchain & Business Conference. It sounds like a fantastic event for builders and creators in the blockchain space. It’s awesome to see how this meetup aims to go beyond just discussing prices and tokenomics and instead focuses on deep conversations about building long-lasting solutions and businesses.
By the way, if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge further, you should check out this article on the difference between RBA and RBNZ: It’s always good to stay informed about various financial aspects.