Blockchain SCAN TO WIN

Name & short description of the Event.

Blockchain SCAN TO WIN.

The Scan to Win model employs tailored coupon codes and merchandise to create a loyalty campaign that rewards Web3 existing users and attracts new users. The designated area for this campaign primarily comprises universities, where we have partnered with the local Blockchain community, influencers, and thought leaders to create a viral marketing approach for Blockchain products and communities

Special QR codes are fixed at hot zones within the universities and surrounding tech zones, co-working spaces, restaurants, malls, and mega hubs. Roll-up banners, QR codes, and billboards are placed to encourage people to scan and win rewards such as merchandise.

On scanning the codes, users are directed to our website, where they must provide basic information such as contact details and proof of contributions such as signing the Metacartel manifesto, proof of previous contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem, attending an Ethereum-oriented event in the past etc.

Sample campaign. Bybit New User - Freemerch
Description of Team.

In the past, our Team lead and member, Michael Jerry, Nonse Odion and Latsan have helped projects like Flaschoin onboarded 1000 users to download the Flashcoin wallet and use Flashcoin, the remittance token for payments onboarding merchants.

Micheal Jerry - Michael is a Web3 and Blockchain product marketing and community expert. He is an outstanding community builder with a strong grasp of current marketing tools. Co-founder at Blockchain Club OAU, previously OKX, Bluzelle, Bybit, Getsyarpa, Connext protocol and many more.

Michael and a team of 4 other students have helped Bybit facilitate scholarships for 100 students, introducing about 3000 students to sign up for Bybit and processing over $2M trading volume in the process.

Michael in the past has helped brands like Flashcoin, a remittance token acquire over 1000 users and merchants to accept the token for payment without a marketing budget.

Latsan - Latsan is a bankless DAO level 2 member. Presently, he is the Research guild North wind lead in charge of the guild governance of the research guild.

He is the project steward of the health chatter workgroup in the research guild where he conducted research about members’ mental and physical health in the guild, He is the Pre-production of crypto sapiens where he brings in highly influential guests to the podcast every week.

Project Recognition

Genuine Lens Review



Our goal is to organize the Scan to Win in 5 Universities across Nigeria with expected participants of 1000-3000 Participants per University and other tertiary universities within the same state/environment.

These campaigns in each university will run for 21-30 days each.


  • Obafemi Awolowo University (OSUN STATE). (Mid April-Mid May)
  • The University of Lagos, UNILAG (LAGOS) (July- August)
  • University of Ibadan. (IBADAN) (August)
  • Federal University of Nigeria, UNN. (September)
  • The University of Benin. (BENIN) (October)

Usage of Funds.

Funds raised will be used for making;

  • Branded Metacartel Merchandise and Ethereum-branded shirts. (100 Merchandise for each university will cost about $450)

  • Creating QR codes

  • Partnership with Influencers and community and marketing

  • Media and photographs

Why does this matter?

For Participants.

  • For collectors, it serves as proof of participation and active involvement in Blockchain and crypto-related activities
  • Frequently drives people to attend events and participate in tasks.
  • Provides an easy approach to crypto and general Blockchain Education.

For Metacartel.

The campaign will require participants to learn about Metacartel and sign the manifesto with their Ethereum address on

  • Follow Meta_cartel on Twitter and make a tweet mentioning metacartel and talking about the Ethereum Ecosystem in Nigeria and Africa.
  • Participants wil be required to also join our Twitter space where we will invite the Metacartel team to talk about the Ethereum ecosystem/watch a youtube video.

We also welcome any additional tasks for participants and we will be providing access to all entries from participants.

We believe this will further help introduce the Ethereum ecosystem to many and as well as Metacartel and their goal support communities and early Web3 products.

We will also get pictures, and documentaries of the processes and collections of the merchandise which could be useful for podcasts, Media narratives etc by Metacartel.

List of other sponsors if Applicable: Bitbarter

Amount Requested: $4000 For all Universities or $800 for each University.

If funded, we will provide detailed photographs and access to media as well as interviews to talk about the process, challenges and results. Gnosis safe wallet address: 0x5f41754C5Cb0081057C95b2AEBd7036D703B784e