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I needed a link to make the proposal, so this post provides that. Will follow up with a link to the proposal.

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Thank you so very much Boiler!!!

Maybe, if I share a little about what I’ve been doing with MetaCartel, it might be useful?

Was doing some scribing for the Treasury Sustainability, mostly meeting notes and keeping all the things in a spot that we can find. I got bold and also wrote a MolochDAO grant for this, which didn’t get much support over there, but I kinda like having the actual proposal and the stuff inside it available for whenever else the DAO might want something similar put together.

Also copywriting for MCON website, including the invitation page, and MetaCartel website, including the lore page.

Scribed for MetaMoloch. This is when I fell in love. You know what I mean, like when your fantasy-bae can do no wrong and you’re definitely not worthy and they’ll never want you around as much as you want to be.

What did it was the interviews of grant recipients. I had a survey that went to an airtable that Jeremy had all slick and Yalor helped me get ahold of MetaCartel grant recipients. I only talked to these people for like 15 minutes, but it was hugely impactful.

Those interviews were a collection of praises to MetaCartel’s community and network support from smart, thoughtful and kind people. Bringing a bunch of humans together is bound to get messy and it seems rare to hear so much expressed gratitude for a community, but I was receiving the support the grant recipients were talking about.

If the DAO wants help with the newsletter, I’m happy to write that quarterly. I’ve also started getting a report together for MetaMoloch.