BullyCongress -- Get paid to protest & advocate for the unrepresented 98% of Americans

BullyCongress – Get paid to protest & advocate for the unrepresented 98% of Americans

TL;DR: Get in Loser, We’re gonna go Bully Congress.

The Problem
American Politics has a phenomena known as “The Rotating Villain” that has slowed and hindered legislation that favors the average hard-working American for decades.

Their game is simple:
A Politician will periodically be elected based on some promises made to appeal to the majority of voters.

Raising the minimum wage, Fixing healthcare, Student Loans.
You’ve likely seen this one before.

What happens when that party becomes the majority and is in charge? “Sorry! We’re unable to get our change into law because of just one or two people (the villains)” – and if it does eventually pass? It’s a watered down version of what was promised that is unable to deliver - and that just sours people to the whole idea in the first place. “We already tried that! It doesn’t work!” This happens every time and it isn’t coincidence – it’s an orchestrated game played with human lives in order to delay and hinder social progress.

Does this sound familiar? We’re living through it right now, for the 100th time.

How is this even possible? Who’s fault is this?
It’s our fault.
All of us.
We have the attention span of a goldfish and we easily pivot from shouting “war criminal!” to fawning when you act quirky and give Michele Obama candy. All it takes is a bit of time.

Why wouldn’t this politician (or the next) continue to sell us out, when the only penalty is some bad publicity that eventually goes away? It’s only temporary but that bribe money is life changing. Yacht’s are expensive, just ask Joe Manchin. The bad publicity is mostly from a distance: A few articles in the news and on social media, maybe a handful of protesters will show up for a few days and get a bit more attention, but then what? Everyone goes home because they have work on Monday. The few that don’t get distracted by the next villain/crisis that shows up and the original villain heads off into the sunset with their huge sack of cash.

No more, we can finally fix this thanks to DAOs and Crypto.

The Plan

I’ve got work on Monday. You’ve got work on Monday.
The majority of Americans agree on things they will never get because nobody is holding politicians feet to the fire to make sure we get them.

Let’s make being the rotating villain a reaaaaaly unattractive job. What if I could put crypto into a pot and use these funds to pay protesters who we have verified are participating? This would allow people to take time off work to futher social change without going bankrupt or having to be wealthy/retired. It would allow protesters to show up in great numbers much more frequently and hold our politicians more accountable than we currently are. And it would allow us to finally use crypto for something it was meant for. What good is ‘money the government cant control’ if you are simply using it to buy chicken tendies or a lambo? Why not use this for something the government WOULD want to stop and control? Something that paypal and any bank would immediately shut down? This isn’t possible without crypto and I feel this is an eventual. Not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

What I need from you

I don’t want money, I’ve already got some of my own to spend on this right now.
I want some help and direction with this.
I want co-conspirators.
I want the average worker to win.

A lot of the things we dream up in here are uncharted territory and as such it’s probably very easy to build yourself in the corner or miss out on the latest paradigm that would be perfect for the project. I’ve considered using NFTs to fund all this as it seems like a great realistic use-case for a public-artwork-ownership ledger – in fact its the only use I can really think of. I don’t know why I’d ever care to know the previous or first owner of a piece of art unless the very act of comissioning that art lead to significant cultural/historial change – but I’m also afraid I might be doing the thing where we throw buzzwords like NFT and blockchain at everything and I might need brought back down from the clouds.

Let’s be friends?
Thanks for reading and for having me, ya’ll.

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