Cartel On-site Events (Community Building Budget)

During the last MC Townhall call, the members expressed an interest in getting together a budget for in person events ( Happy Hour, Dinner with Frens, Dappy Hour, Event Support, etc etc)

I’m creating this proposal now so that we can ensure a USD equivalent of that budget is allocated to support these events, up first we have ETHcc where many members are currently coordinating ( Join the group here)

I think a good starting point is to set aside $10k USD ~ DAI in the paladin multi-sig where most members are active, approve proposals via signal vote on Discord / Forum.

To create an onsite event request:

  • 1st share your idea on Discord and get some emoji’s from DAO Members, let’s say 3 CHILI’s at minimum :hot_pepper:

  • 2nd graduate your idea to a brief forum post including, what, when, where, why and how much you need to pull your idea/event off.

I think a good range for these things is $500-$2500 depending on complexity and potential benefits to the community.

ETHcc is just the starting point for events that will be happening now that restrictions are starting to lift, so I would love to see people thinking further ahead and planning some awesome events for our members to connect with each-other and the wider Ethereum community :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3: Just to clarify any unused budget can roll over to the next season of events, the entire 10k does not need to be spent @ ETHcc.

Looking forward to seeing your events and attending as many as possible myself, please take pictures so we can document these things :selfie:t3:

Thanks for writing this up and summarizing discussion. Agreed on all fronts, let me know when a proposal is up so I can vote yes, we will have great returns on this.

First event funded :partying_face: $2k to :tokyo_tower:

Host @FelipeDuarte

I would like to expense 250 euro (295.76 USD as of July 27 17:03 BST) for the “Tea with Cartel” event.

And here is the proof of party

The payment address is matoken.eth.

Thank you for your service @makoto :tea: please post pictures of the event if you have any, here is the txn covering your expense: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Thanks. Here are some photos.

This event was soo good. I wish the bakery shipped international