[CLOSED] Bounty: Crypto Project Registry

(Written by @yaniv)

We would like to have a TCR and accompanying UI for listing all projects in the crypto space. If done well this could replace LinkedIn and be used as a primary reference for business development in the industry.

The TCR should use the same mechanism as HumanityDAO for bootstrapping trust using Twitter. Applicants should have to verify ownership of their project’s official Twitter account to demonstrate the authority to communicate on behalf of the project.

Additional information about the project should be stored on IPFS and referenced by hash. This information should include:

  • Address - The authorized signer for this project. It should be the same as the Ethereum account used to apply.
  • Labels
    • dApp
    • Protocol
    • Exchange
    • Fund
    • Marketing Agency
    • Design Agency
    • Development Agency
    • Security Auditor
    • …More
  • Description
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Twitter handle
  • Medium handle
  • Team Members
    • Reference to HumanityDAO accounts
    • Role

User Interface

The UI should include:

  • List of projects
  • List of applicants
  • Flow for applying to the registry
  • Voting flow
  • Dispute flow


MetaCartel would like to deploy the TCR contract to mainnet after a round of review. For the hackathon we’d like to see the contracts deployed to a testnet, the UI hosted on a simple server, and the source code with an MIT license.

Please reach out if you have any questions. We’d be happy to provide guidance along the way.

Happy hacking!


Similar / related / shameless plug.

Disclaimer: I own around $1.3k (current prices) worth of Kleros tokens.

There were some really high profile cases, including Grid Plus that led to the creation of decentralized lawyer: https://heliast.io/

“Voting flow, Dispute flow” - that should be outsourced to Kleros or Aragon (as soon as they become operational).

Thanks for the suggestion. This requires PNK kleros tokens, wonder if we can fork it.

Tbh, I would be happy to dish out 4k USD as a bounty for someone to solve this problem perhaps - there’s a ton of research involved with determining whether to fork an existing project or building from scratch.

Another potential candidate for the court is Aragon:

(not sure if deployed in production yet)

My personal philosophy, general thoughts.

  1. Research first. Check what options are available.
  2. Focus on core business. Outsource the rest.

In this particular situation - focus on the curation part. Search, filters, mobile responsive UI, providing accurate information - that’s the core business. The dispute, appeals, courts, evidence - that’s maybe 5‑10% of the activity, but something that can go infinitely deep… So many edge cases, crypto-economics, game theory-incentives, attack vectors.

As explained previously - I’m biased (token holder) - but when zoom out into a bigger picture - don’t reinvent the wheel. Similar pilot already in the making - list curation: https://blog.kleros.io/decentralize-your-exchange-listing-process-with-kleros/


Feels a little like Etherscan in the sense that projects typically register some of the info listed out above and verify the process you need to sign a transaction as the contract deployer.

I wonder if you could seed some of the info from verified contracts which already have some of the above?

Just a thought anyways, interested to see the outcome of it.


This would make sense for token projects only, but many projects aren’t token projects etc. dapp layer infra, dev shops etc.

@liamz Since you have expressed interested in this bounty.

Can you throw together a short proposal on…

  • What you will be building?
    • The general hypothesis and experiments that will be conducted through this
    • Who this will initially be used by / piloted?
    • The specs of what you will be building…
  • A proposed timeline of the project?
  • Short description of yourself

And post as a new grant proposal? Happy to help with any of this…

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@pet3rpan Heaps keen for this!

@Mars we seem to agree on the same note - curation is the most important part! Do you have any ideas / tracks you’ve been looking into re: this?

I posted it in TG, but linking here is the lightpaper for the decentralised index I’m working on. The main curation mechanism is Web 2.0 -style reputation, with some added conviction voting + deposits to combat spam (since it’s on the public chain).

You mentioned you hold tokens (#bias #fakedaos) and it made me think of something really interesting. Some social filtering based on the tokens you hold/follow.

@Mars It sounds like you’re referencing more advanced types of “disputes”. Kleros and Aragon seem like good solutions to that class of problem. I’m actually realizing now that I used the wrong word! I meant challenge, as in the core primitive in the standard TCR design. Sorry if that was confusing!

@liamz it looks like what you’re building is an evolution of the TCR/curation market concept. I’ve always thought of TCR’s as the simplest way to implement a decentralized list/registry. I agree that reputation / moderation would be an improvement on top of pure coin voting. My sense is that getting this right would require a fair amount of experimentation since it introduces a lot of complexity. I wonder if we could have a test playground that we could use to experiment with your reputation / moderation ideas that’s not as central to the short term projects we’re working toward. Maybe we could use a basic TCR to start and put that behind a proxy contract so that we can upgrade the curation mechanism as those experiments mature.

I was thinking of something similar for www.daospace.org which I was putting together, but this was just a hack job since I’m not a developer. Here’s an idea (which is in a very different direction, but wouldn’t cost anything, and could get up and running within 1 week):

  1. Use a format like the link above (or another tool which would be managed by a DAO approved administrator)
  2. Create a DAO that manages the website
  3. Manage the registry using a Reputation Curated Registry on DAOstack (see information on this here: https://daotalk.org/t/reputation-curated-registries-rcr/655/5 )

Thoughts? Once the DAO gets use, and projects are signing up and using the registry, then we can invest in creating a nice UI… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


@yaniv would like to get in touch to discuss more this. I agree with this statement - the potential is huge. Currently coinmarketcap and coingecko function as the primary source of all digital assets. Etherscan partly performs the function of being a record of contracts/token symbols. To be “authoritative record” the coverage needs to be broad and inclusive which is a challenge in itself. Its interesting you mention LinkedIn, because that is more of a social network, rather than an index of assets/companies.

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This is currently underway led by the Abridged team @jamesyoung + Eric Chung

Launch eta: ETHBoston 8th Sept.