Competitive Inter-DAO Media Channel League

Hey MetaCartel -

I was listening in on a DAOHaus call recently, and I heard some talking about Chilis, and the ambitions of doing some work focused on using a basket of tokens to incentivize projects.

The post above is an idea I wrote up for 1hive this week.

It’s basically a competitive league for monetizing youtube channels, by shipping 3-4 Skillshare Courses each month.

  • Teams must ship 3-4 public skillshare courses to qualify for monthly distributions of a reward pool.
    [over 4 months]

  • Teams that qualify then compete with one another for what % of the reward pool they get to claim, based on the competence of their work – a handful of metrics.

  • If a Team flakes or cheats, they are disqualified from receiving funding immediately, and eliminated.

The trick is that if the Skillshare Courses are Public, then those courses can be published anywhere. There are some really neat subtle bonuses there as well.

  • Courses must have actionable projects.
  • Courses must be of high quality - curated by Skillshare
  • Courses must have a minimum of 5 individual videos.
  • Skillshare Class Clips, Youtube and Tik Tok and Twitter all facilitate 2 Min 10 Second Video Clips.
  • Top CPM Youtube Niches are all about how to make money from small projects.
  • DAOs are all looking to onboard project managers and talented people into the space to grow the BUIDL part of the crypto economy.

I got some feedback on this after sharing it with Brady McKenna over at District0x, and he suggested that District0x would be interested, and that I ought to make it a basket of tokens.

The Proposal for 1hive is 60 HNY over 4 months, and it covers 5 teams.

So it comes out to about 5k DAI worth of whatever token per team to participate, but the upside is incubating a few media channels for the MetaCartel.

If this sounds compelling, please consider reading through the proposal on 1hive, and then volunteering a contribution to match funds, or sponsor a team.

I’ll try not to spam your network, but if you find this an interesting experiment, feel free to pass it around, or share some thoughts on the 1hive proposal page.

Thank you.

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A couple questions for you:

  • What is your user attraction strategy ?
  • Who are the teams ?
  • What have the early impressions been from your users/teams ?
  • Where is the content being generated, is it new content or previously published content ?
  • Why competition VS collaboration ?

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability & we’ll see about getting a presenter slot with the DAO.

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This is a small business | media channel incubator.

The user attraction strategy is up to the teams. However, the reason it is structured as it is structured, is because there are already people who exist in the Skillshare Ecosystem, that pay to be there, as well as those who take advantage of free courses, I would imagine.

By having public skillshare courses subsidized by DAO treasury funding, you get to take those courses and then distribute them across as many places as possible [Youtube | Twitter | Tik Tok | Instagram | Reddit].

The focus on applied skill development and project based learning for small businesses – crypto businesses - DAOs, also fits in with the Highest CPM for youtube. Because lots of people on youtube wants to learn how to earn a living for themselves, so the adsense for those channels is competitive.

Teams don’t exist. I’ve got a team, and there are some people on 1hive and some people on metagame, who are working with a similar structure, but my structure is actually more coherent, and targeted.

A lot of issues, as I see it, is that each individual tribe [DAO], is too focused on shilling their specific currency – and as a result, they miss out on partnerships, and also on providing wider information – so you get a specific youtube video about Golem presentations at an esoteric DAO Conference, and those don’t get many views at all – but the channels that are doing better are more general or inclusive in their basket of specific content.

So, to answer your question, you would get a team (s) from your community to participate.

There are no impressions. I have basically just discovered this ‘playbook’, and am sharing it, though as I said, others have made the connection that Skillshare is good for playbooks and onboarding.

The content is being generated by the individual teams – in the same way that any other teacher on skillshare or youtube creator comes up with their content.

The teams will be collaborative within themselves.

The competition is to incentivize the teams toward a further point. If there is a competition for some collection of different analytics, you end up in a situation where you avoid and even filter out weak projects or weak teams or weak creators.

And you reward strong | dedicated | competent ones.

The collaboration is different members of the same Team coming together to make a cool project together, and split the reward pool % they earn.

The competition is how much of the reward pool % that team earns for that month.

However, there is more room for collaboration between teams:

In sharing followers, or sharing techniques that have or have not worked, in monthly reports.


The objective is to incubate some education and onboarding channels so that they can produce quality work, and be sustained by monetization via youtube or skillshare following the “league”.

Recording of topic discussed in its 1hive only form - before I opened it up to metacartel as a token reward basket.