Contrib. "Le blade holders" ETH Lisbon


Hi, we’re team Contribute from ETH Lisbon and the proud receivers of Le blade of Meta cartel! We came into the hackathon wanting to tackle the question of:
“how do we make more people into DAO-contributors?”

The whole team has felt the issue of wandering and lurking around different Discords without finding a good and suitable entry point to begin our contributions. We feel that there is a need to better organize tasks and bounties. We’ve seen some examples of google docs and spreadsheets being used. Some of us in the team are also core contributors to some smaller DAO:s and would love to have the opportunity to bring in assistance and community support when needed.

We hope to make it easier for DAO:s to onboard members to become contributors

We’re continuing building at
We’re currently discussing with RomeDAO and DxDAO about their specific requirements and piloting contrib!
@blockchainjames also gave us the cool launch plan of having “A million-dollar bounty” for people to come up with awesome proposals.

A 5 min video explaining Impact/Roadmap and a demo of what we build:

We’ve already had a chance to speak with some awesome people from DAOhaus, Govrn, Standardbounties, DiamondDAO, Ceramic and indexCoop about how to collaborate.

The flow we’re working on now in the Hack for Freedom:

  1. Tally/snapshot proposal to launch a bucket/domain with 10 ETH.
    DAO gets a bucket with 10 ETH if the proposal passes.

  2. One address (multisig or DAO-steward) can create sub-buckets.
    Launch a Sub-bucket (Frontend 5eth) (Web 2eth).
    Launch Sub-sub-buckets (Frontend->Web->website)
    If new funding is needed a new vote on Tally/snapshot can be created for either main bucket or sub. bucket. ( i.e. 2 more ETH for ((web)website).

  3. All tasks will have the opportunity of retroactive tipping and funding. I.e. if a contributor’s task has had a substantial impact, members can add additional funds as a reward.

  4. We hope to be able to combine rewards per task and allocate multiple tokens to buckets in tally/Snapshot vote: I.e. 10ETH+200 000 Native project tokens +40000 USDC.

Fantastic to be here, and stoked to hear everyone’s feedback and thoughts on how to make contributing to DAO:s easy as pie.

Thanks, Team Contribute

Mentorship program? Rich member takes on newbie. To figure out cool ways to pitch a basic income solution that isnt a disincentive but doesnt reward lazyness or penalize innaction or mistakes for trying?

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Yeah could be a nice addition! We’ve discussed in the team that we’ve all been in the situation that when we were beginners we would love to have a mentor or more senior person to guide us, and once we’ve gotten a bit further it’s awesome to take on someone more junior and guide them.

Would be like multi-users claiming a bounty, but you organise it in a mentor/mentee role setting.

Hey all,

I’m Erik – also part of the Contrib-team holding le blade – and I just wanted to pop in to say that if anyone would like to sync with our team to discuss our product, potential contexts, or something else: feel free to reach out on discord.

Our handles are:

  • erx#8279
  • Getigorr#3113
  • Jamie#9088
  • kaji#5021
  • Roan#8055
  • zilkan#3869

We’re stoked to hear your feedback! :fire:

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Hey guy’s thanks for getting this pushed through, can we setup a time to discuss the DAO proposal process, should take about 15 minutes to get on chain :chains: pretty easy peasey. Will DM you my calendar @morkeeth

@Yalor Awesome, looking forward to it!