Creating concerts organized from a DAO

Hi I am a musician and a DAO enthusiast. I was thinking the possibility a concert to be organized from a DAO and in my mind was really good idea so I will try to share it with you and I hope to get some feedback on how could I move on.
I think that MetaCartel ( or Moloch ) DAO could be set up for organizing concerts for various reasons. For example to promote and educate people about cryptocurrencies, freedom or global warming ( or any other issue that a community could have). I am thinking that Moloch-like DAO could work like a council that will decide what the concert (or any event ) would be and then a Colony will be created with the task to make it happend. The over all cost will be calculated from the colony(may be we will have different colonies that will compete) and then the Moloch-like DAO will select what colony will do the event. Also we will have a mechanism that will take the profits from the tickets or the things that are sold on the event and send the to the DAOs bank for further use.
More info about Colony here
What is your opinion?
Do you think that can we have a standardized framework that will let Metacartel-like DAOs work with colony?

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Hey! this is dope. Big fan of sub DAOs organizing events / coordinating with Big DAOs… James Simbouras has ideas on this as well. He’s building Trojan DAO to create an art economy that redefines relationships between artists and art commissioners. Would be great to get you both in touch.

Also familiar w/ Colony and I think they are geared to interact with a Moloch DAO, but would need to check with Auryn… will bring him here.

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Yeah, I really dig this concept as well!

The short answer to this is: yes, colonies can interact with a MolochDAO.

The long as is: it depends.

It depends on what you mean by interact and depends on whether you are wanting to interact with the Colony Dapp or the Colony Network (ethereum contracts) directly.

Colonies and MolochDAOs can interact in any context simply by sending tokens to one and other.

More complex interactions, like a MolochDAO calling functions in a colony are possible on the network level but may have unpredictable effects in the dapp (since the interactions would modify the blockchain state but not the data layer of the dapp). Colonies do not currently have the ability to execute arbitrary contract calls, so a colony could not yet call a function in a MolochDAO.

That being said, I could imagine creating a colony that assigns its root permission to a MolochDAO so that the MolochDAO needs to approve functions like minting new tokens and assigning permissions to users in the colony.

This is completely untested though, so I honestly have no idea what would happen in the dapp. But I would be down for an experiment if anyone is game!


From my understanding, the goal would be to build a Colony community funded by the Moloch DAO in order to organize the execution team and keep track of funds. The Moloch DAO will actually put out a RFP in order to get different Colony DAOs to bid on the execution.

This does assume that there are a number of Colonies already prepared to take on such a task…

I think it could make sense for a Colony to form as an ephemeral org to coordinate tasks around an event. The Trojan DAO is developing a unique decision-making architecture for this kind of art collective. The plan is to bring artists together into a DAOStack DAO where they can join without financial means. From there the DAOStack Curation DAO can become a member of the Moloch DAO and propose projects to be funded. The Moloch DAO makes up the sponsors and investors supporting these art projects. Once the Curation DAO proposes a project to the Moloch and the proposal passes, then shares are allocated to the Curation DAO.

Determining where the profits fall at the end of the day may be a provision within each proposal. Ultimately a bonding curve structure to facilitate a liquid economy might be ideal, though brings some securities concerns into question.

note: we’ve been geared toward the curation DAO to come from DAOStack, but could also come from Colony I imagine


I see no reason that colonies could not operate this way, although I imagine they might get out-competed by more persistent colonies (or other organisations) that do not have to bear the coordination overhead of pop-up organisations. There is something to be said of the comfort of a well formed rut.

I imagine this really depends on whether the organisation prioritizes governance or ease of workflows for the time being, although both will iterate towards doing a great job at both.


Hey I am really happy to see people explore the same ideas with me! Lets role :smiley:
First,@auryn Thank you for your post was really helpful!

where the data layer is stored? Do you have any links that I can look at? I am interested to working at this issue!

@OKDuncan I looked at the Trojan DAO and it seems like a beautiful project! I will try to communicate with them to see what they think about this idea.

My idea for the use of colonies was simple ( I did not mean moloch DAO call functions on the colony smart contract) but something different. I was thinking that the moloch dao wants for example to host a festival for ethereum but to have music , local market etc. Then we have people that they are interested to organize this kind of event to create a proposals on how this can be done and what is the cost for organizing and hosting a event like this. But all this will be a colony struct. Then the moloch dao votes one who will do the festival and he will take the fund to run it. Do you think something like that could work?
I can think that some trust issues will me emerged but I think that it is possible to establish some basic trust among members on a moloch dao.
I was thinking also that something like that could work in smaller scale. For example multiple band create a moloch dao that helps them to host a live for this bands.

I would really like to help with a experiment like this so @auryn if you have a idea on how to do it I am more than happy to work with you to make it happen

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The data layer is OrbitDB and IPFS. As of right now, we don’t have any tools built for accessing the data layers outside of the context of the dapp. It is in our backlog though, so if people are interested in using or helping to build these tools, I can definitely feed that information back through our product and dev teams.

Yeah, this is totally doable. These colonies could be persistent entities that are essentially bidding for contracts from the Moloch DAO, or they could be pop-up entities similar to what @OKDuncan mentioned.

Right back at you my man. I’m happy to provide support from Colony’s side. Let me know how we can help.

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VERY interested in this research…