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Crypto Besties (cryptobesties_ on twitter) is a team of women building the first crypto/web3 and community-driven makeup line with diversity & inclusion at its core. Our focus is to integrate more women, non-binary, and underrepresented groups into the crypto space. While a lot of education platforms exist and are created in the interest of bringing more women into the space (we too have had a focus on women-centered communities), we’ve realized more needs to be done to ensure an integration of new people into the crypto space. Rather than just providing the tools for more women to learn about the space, we’re handing them an incentive to actively learn and earn ownership at the same time. As we become the first crypto makeup collective, our members will have an opportunity to make board level decisions in the running and distribution of our products. Community x Makeup x Crypto is at our forefront.
We will allow our members to help with product creation, partnerships,and future direction.

Crypto literacy; as part of our mission we want to help women, non binary, and those who are underrepresented become crypto literate, we aim to provide resources and tools to help this space become more accessible, and partner with those who can take this mission further.

-lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow, … what we launch is up to you!
Drop 1
The first product will be sold online and what’s launched depends on the community. Products will be launched one at a time, and each product will go through a voting process pre launch.

Stage 1: Product one
We want the creation of the make-up brand to be open and collaborative, and while we have our own vision of how this rolls out, we want to work with you to help build the very first crypto and collaborative makeup line.

We’ll be launching our first product with your help! You will be added to the cryptobesties discord server after buying your nft (bracelet,charm,etc) where you can chat with other besties and have access to the benefits of our community, including decision making processes, meeting new friends, and more!

Once the product goes to market, purchasers of the product will have the opportunity to enter a rewards program, which after a certain level will earn them a crypto besties token. The continues our efforts to fully integrate the next women, non binary, and under represented groups as crypto users. We will teach them how to set-up a wallet and

Stage 2: Line one
After finalizing the first product roll out, we will continue the process for our starter line. Going forward nft holders will be able to vote on our next products launching. To start, our first line will consist of 3-5 products?

Next steps
We’re bridging the gap for women and underrepresented groups in crypto, by combining IRL and the metaverse. We will be continuing our besties meetups across different cities, where the community can take ownership and host events for networking, speakers, or meeting new friends! We will be constantly evolving and are looking to the community for input on where they would like to see us go next.

Grant Request
We require at least $20,000 to cover setup costs, fees, productions, shipping, team fees and marketing costs.

Jaiya Gill
– Background in Finance and Startups
– Professional qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (honors)

Rima Patel
– Professional qualifications: MS Health Policy, 3rd year medical student,former healthcare consultant

@cryptobesties MetaCartel are friends and supporters with, have ya’ll thought of collabing?

[quote=“cryptobesties, post:1, topic:1857”]
Community x Makeup x Crypto is at our forefront.
[/quote] :thinking:

I’m not sure what make-up has to do with crypto, but either way this kind of project isn’t really a good fit for the MetaCartel.

We have recently directed considerable resources into our women lead ecosystem partner Meta Gamma Delta. So that’s where we are going to continue investing our energy.

We applied to the metagammadelta grant!

Great question, we are working to align incentives to help more people want to join the crypto ecosystem. Makeup is something of an interest to a lot of people, who otherwise may not be involved in the crypto ecosystem, using this as an incentive alignment we could have more users onboarded into the crypto space set up wallets etc, like how with constitution dao and kraus house we see something similar where people align under something. Just as clothing is a form expression, makeup is a form of expression and there is a lot of use cases for it in the metaverse.

If there is anything we can do to provide clarity in terms of the model, execution, and or explanation please let us know! Any and all feedback is appreciated!