DAO Funding Proposal: InterCon & RESET EVERYTHING

15 DAO SHARES each for both @pETH @AlexMasmej

For helping run/organize the virtual conferences (many were involved but this is just a gesture to highlight these efforts + to recognize them for their leadership)

Intercon: https://twitter.com/intercon_xp

ResetEverything: https://reseteverything.events/


Why hello there!

Proposals online now:

Thanks a lot Pet3r. :slight_smile:

Hey I’m glad to see these guys getting rewarded they deserve it , what would we think about MC DAO buying SEED through the seed market (Aragon bonding curve) then distributing funds to players beyond just the MC DAO members ?

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Would this be to reward folks who helped with intercon? If so I am onboard, unsure about the SEEDs though

Yes it’s all about rewarding contributors. There were many helpers with Intercon and we used SourceCred to weight their contributions. The SEED market will be open soon and we can mint SEED for the contributors of events like Intercon, RESET-EVERYTHING, Dragon Quest, etc

Might be overly complex to think about at the moment but it’s how we can use SEED token to fund MetaGame and MetaCartel community initiatives.

The nature of this proposal imo is not to reward everyone but to simply highlight / incentive leadership within the DAO to lead the charge on these efforts. We can’t reward everyone at the min we have good faith with those who contribute, if any event comes up next time we can think about it but not everything needs to have monetary incentive. I’m find with this as we aren’t making money of this event. On the other hand, if we did make money/revenue, I would feel obligated to reward folks.

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We’re agreed on this.