DAO funding proposal: Nifty Chess


Source code: https://github.com/pi0neerpat/nifty-chess-app/

Mission: Onboard 1 million users to crypto by meeting people where they are, creating new monetization for chess content creators, and an building easy & fun to use dapp.


Nifty Chess is an app that lets you save, collect, trade, and marvel at unique games of chess by saving them as ownable NFTs. Each token represents a completely unique game, no two can represent the same sequence of moves, and its other attributes are a reflection of those particular moves. Currently being worked on by Cartel members Patrick and Joseph


  • Won Eth Denver
  • 120 tokens minted
  • Airdrop to Eth Denver tournament participants
  • Chess DAO membership
  • xDAI Omnibridge connection
  • Paid bounty on Gitcoin


A 5000 DAI grant to go towards:

  • Monthly tournaments
  • Raid Guild, Gitcoin bounties for more integrations
  • xDAI bridge gas
  • Ongoing development:
    • User profiles
    • Collections of games
    • More online gaming integrations
    • (later) Play directly on NiftyChess

Origin story

Nifty Chess was created by Patrick Galligher and Joseph Schiarizzi, and first presented to the world in February, 2021.

At the buildathon, EthDenver 2020, a solidity developer named Joseph Schiarizzi brought a chess set. Having found it a great way to meet and interact with people at the conference, he aimed to one day build an app on Ethereum that involved chess. A year later at EthDenver 2021 Joseph teamed up with dApp developer extraordinaire Patrick Galligher to create Nifty Chess, with the goals of creating something that was easy to use, could potentially onboard many new people to Ethereum, and most importantly was fun to use. Nifty Chess won second place at the buildathon and we have been building and growing it since.

edit: DAO proposal created https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x1/0xee629a192374caf2a72cf1695c485c5c89611ef2/proposals/144