DAO Grant Request for SnowCones





SnowCones is a system of infrastructure and software that will be the next iteration of DAO creation, management, and governance. Through our suite of tools, analytics, and legal framework, we contend we will revolutionize DAOs, form how they are created and deployed. Even at a minimum, we will expedite efficiency in the space.


As Web3 continues to go mainstream and permeates through culture, the maturation of the ecosystem also includes DAOs. Within the past year we’ve seen DAOs grab national news headlines with entities like ConstitutionDAO, or Olympus. We believe that DAOs aren’t just a one-trick pony, and are here to stay. We want to provide interested parties and consumers a “turn-key” or one stop solution for people to obtain:

  1. Education in DAOs
  2. Creation and Deployment of DAOs, to the point of a few simple clicks
  3. Funding, for those who create and deploy DAOs for their respective cause
  4. Treasury Management/Governance
  5. Analytics
  6. Legal


As it stands today creating, deploying, and funding a DAO are labor intensive tasks. For a concept to mature, it requires web developers, coders, community managers, etc. all with hundreds of hours of work to create one DAO for a specific community. We believe this is abhorrent, and inefficient to say the least. We’d like to reduce the inefficiency to a minimum and provide even the most lay enthusiast with the power to create, deploy, and shape DAOs on a global scale.


Enter our infrastructure.


Core Features

  1. Click and Deploy DAOs (no coding required)
  2. Fund your DAOs, via crowd or by wallet
  3. DAO Dashboard for governance and management
  4. Real Time Analytics
  5. Legal support for creating a state recognized DAO
  6. Multi/Cross Chain Support

Secondary Features

  1. Our Web3 Wallet (simplifies log-in, security, etc.)
  2. API plug and play support
  3. Auditing and Authentication


Our validation requires you! We welcome you, interested parties, consumers and the global Web3 world to try our product when it is released here in the next quarter. We will measure our success by the number of DAOs that are created, deployed, but also sustainable. And we would love to have your name attached!


We’re still in home stretch. We’ve been working furiously for the past several months on our webpages, community engagements, and our back end development. We’d love to show you an all encompassing pitch deck that includes our working “alpha”


We’re uncertain if there are any other entities, or at the very least as far as long as we are.


We’re a small team of six people based out of Austin, Texas. We have a number of previous projects under our belt, and have been in business since 2017.

Grant Request $



Due to the current macro situation within crypto, we’ve lost funding previously allocated to us. We saw your disclaimer that you don’t typically fund “infrastructure” but we think we can change your mind.