DAO investing outside DeFI

I have been a casual observer of MetaCartel since October 2020. I think what you are building is incredibly powerful, and pioneering for other funds.

I work in LMM Private Equity, and investing across emerging markets. I also run a group that introduces Private Equity sponsors and investors, Sponsor.fund

I would like to discuss how a DAO similar to MetaCartel Ventures could invest in tech/traditional companies across emerging markets. I would consider this the “Berkshire” model, looking for value based cash flowing businesses that we can deploy capital into across the world.

The dealflow would come from DAO members with knowledge of the space or markets where they are located.

There are a few issues around investing in emerging markets that could be solved by the DAO:

  1. Dealflow (defi can’t solve this, but DAO member can)
  2. Liquidity for investors: I think tokenizing holdings help this, but also the ability to invest fast.
  3. Transparency: Having a secure transaction to invest could be powerful. There is a lot of loss and coruption that goes into some of these transactions.

I’m early in the exploration of this project. I would like to hear from MetaCartel Mages on where we might run into problems.