🏀 DAO Membership Proposals thread

Oh, I didn’t see it there either. It may have ended up in the spam control, which is weird because it shouldn’t go there if there is an “offering”. Unfortunately I get the white screen of death on mobile, but if someone doesn’t pull it out by the time I’m home later, I’ll pull it out.

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Hey @dermot I’m Yalor, one of the early MetaCartel folks who helped put on MCON. It’s great to see your interest in the group and your willingness to pledge funds to the DAO.

I would like to connect with you to learn more about your goals and your level of involvement in the Dapp grants ecosystem, but I’m afraid I cannot do that before your proposal which was rushed into the voting period passes, so as a matter of policy I am going to reject your proposal for the time being, with the hope that we can connect one on one to learn more about your goals and interests in MC.

Hope this is taken with the spirit of which it is intended :handshake:🏽

Hey @Yalor

Thanks for your message. We’re yet to meet properly; I’ve only seen you doing your thing from afar, and I appreciate that you don’t know who I am, so I can understand where you’re coming from!

In hindsight, it’s pretty obvious that I should have spent more time tapping up as many of the cartelians as possible before putting in my proposal. While I know and have met a reasonable number of you over the years, it’s nowhere close to the majority. And a dry forum proposal isn’t usually the best format for first impressions.

I would love to be part of this community and promise you there is more to me than a very cheap Hashmasks avatar. So irrespective of the proposal, I would love to connect with you, Yalor, as well as anyone else who is up for it. And I hope to see as many of you as possible in Bogota for Devcon next month.

Cheers :v:

Hello! Here is my membership proposal :smiley:

1. What have you worked on / how have you contributed to the Web 3.0 ecosystem?

2. Why do you want to join MetaCartel DAO?
I really appreciate the good community. It is always hard to take a leap of faith, but people I met at MetaCartel and MCON are so nice. Made it much easier for me to dive into DAO world!

3. What is your pledge size?
My sweat sweat

4. What else should we know about you?
Actually I tried to buy blood equity earlier this year, but switched to sweating in after Yalor asked me ‘which one is more valuable, your money or your effort.’ I am glad I chose the latter!

This is my proposal back then :slight_smile:

  1. My onchain proposal link

Absolutely, want to shoot me a message on Telegram and we can setup a chance to talk ?


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I think the shares should match the tribute at least. Generally we’d want you to start with 10 ETH and 10 shares. I’d vote yes on a proposal that matches this.