DAO Process Proposal

I propose that we reward everyone who submits an on-chain proposal + reimburse their costs, it is probably one of the true public goods within the DAO where members directly lose money helping the DAO.

The incentive for submitting proposal = 0.1 ETH (about 10-15 Dollars, we can adjust this as ETH price moves but I think its appropriate)
Reimbursement for ETH lost in the proposal = 0.1 ETH

I would want to also claim these reimbursements & some rewards for all my personal past DAO proposals made from me personally.

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thoughts on this idea @Yalor

We might couple this proposal with another proposal to potentially migrate MetaCartel DAO into a Moloch v2 DAO (where these no processing fee)

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Yeah, I’m all for this. I put my first proposal on chain last night and to my surprise lost 1 WETH (assuming I get that back at some point) I’m also in favor of migrating to V2 as I believe this will help with on-boarding, funding expereiments, and keeping incentives aligned within MC. You’ve been trail blazing this whole time and gotten dam far, let’s keep it going :fire:

Yeah, the 1 ETH is a deposit and you’ll get 0.9 ETH back with 0.1 ETH lost unless you are first to call the process function of the DAO - usually someones running a bot so its just lost.

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This absolutely blows my mind. Such an expensive price to pay for processing proposals. If people have been shouldering the cost of this (thanks @Yalor!) then they should totally be reimbursed, but also… it should be a priority to move to a new DAO that doesn’t occur pain upon the good folk who submit proposals!