DAO proposal: AbvAvgJoe

This is a membership proposal for AbvAvgJoe:

  1. What have you worked on / how have you contributed to the Web 3.0 ecosystem?
    I’ve been volunteer community building with Ryan sean adams’ Bankless newsletter and Defizap so far. Beginning the process of learning JS and Solidity to transition into the dev life.
  2. Why do you want to join MetaCartel DAO?
    Alex Masmej makes compelling arguments about the community growing the value of each of it’s members to enrich the whole. I want in.
  3. What is your pledge size? (10 ETH minimum pledge for individuals, 5 ETH minimum pledge for women, minimum 50 ETH for organisations / Maximum 200 ETH for all membership types)
    10 Eth
  4. What else should we know about you?
    Handyman and Professional level cannabis cultivation and processing are in my current skillset. If the cards played right, I could take the cannabis side and create quite a revenue source.
  5. You will need to pledge in WETH/Wrapped ETH - you can go get it off uniswap.io
  6. Go to this link and pledge (one transaction) [https://daohaus.club/dao/0x0372f3696fa7dc99801f435fd6737e57818239f2
  7. Share your address that you have pledged with