DAO Proposal : Community Workspaces for Telegram chat client (TeleFuel)


Telefuel is an unofficial Telegram client for power users, professionals, and teams. With Telefuel, your Telegram chat experience is more organized, efficient, and powerful.

With the roadmap outlined in this proposal, Telefuel will be building new features that will change the way teams like MetaCartel interact, collaborate, and communicate.

Download: https://telefuel.com/downloads

Telegram: https://t.me/telefuel

Twitter: https://twitter.com/telefuelapp

Why is Telefuel useful?

We love Telegram for its security, privacy, community, and features - but the official Telegram apps simply aren’t built for power users and professionals. (If you know, you know.)

With Telefuel, users log in with with their existing Telegram account. Telefuel pulls in their existing Telegram chats*, giving each user immediate access to Telefuel’s power features, making their Telegram experience more organized, sane, and productive (see features list below).

Already, Telefuel has meaningfully improved the way users from MetaCartel, Abridged, Ethereum Foundation, and others interact on Telegram… and we’re just getting started!

*Chats, messages, and media are passed directly from Telegram’s servers to the client, and are never touch/seen/stored on our servers. Learn more about our Security & Data Model here.

Current Usage/Traction

Telefuel is currently in public beta with ~200 Daily Active Users, including team members from MetaCartel, Abridged, Ethereum Foundation, FTX Exchange, and more.

Though still early, Telefuel shows early signs of product-market fit, including strong retention and usage metrics:

  • ~46% of users are spending 2+ hours in Telefuel every day
  • ~23% of users are spending 4+ hours in Telefuel every day

“I think I would cry if you guys no longer existed.”


Product: Current State

Telefuel is in public beta, and available on web & desktop (Mac, Windows, and Linux).

Current Features include:

  • Chat Folders & Workspaces
  • Unread Messages/Mentions Filters
  • Chat Type Filters (separate tabs for DMs, Groups, Bots, and Channels)
  • Chat Reminders/Snooze
  • Chat Notes
  • Send Mass Messages
  • Multiple Account Support
  • and more!

See for yourself! Download Telefuel here.

Product Roadmap: Shared Workspaces (aka “Telefuel Teams”)

Telefuel is currently limited to “single player” mode, meaning individual Telefuel users can organize their chats into personal workspaces, but there’s currently no way for them to share or invite other users to access these configured workspaces (like Slack or Discord) - a critical feature for Teams and Communities juggling multiple Telegram chats across their organization.

With this grant, we will be addressing this shortcoming by building shared workspaces, aka “Telefuel Teams”.

With Telefuel Teams, team admins will be able to configure Teams workspaces with official team chats, and invite their team members to access these preconfigured workspace.

Telefuel Teams simplifies and streamlines the entire process of onboarding, offboarding, and juggling access permissions for teams and communities on Telegram - bringing all their Team chats, users, and permissions settings into a single Workspace view.

Why should MetaCartel DAO fund & support Telefuel?

Communication and coordination is core to any DAO, and the best DAOs will have the best communication and coordination tools.

Because MetaCartel already organizes via Telegram groups, Telefuel Teams will vastly improve the way MetaCartel organizes, communicates, and collaborates.

Every user and project involved in MetaCartel stands to benefit from the improved collaboration and organization offered by Telefuel Teams.

The Proposal (Funding, Features, Timeline)

For this proposal, Telefuel Teams is seeking $10,000 USD in grant funding to oversee the completion of Telefuel Teams.

The end deliverable with be a Telefuel Teams product that MetaCartel will have a year of complimentary access to.

The expected timeline is 4 weeks from approval date, estimated currently as late-March.

Future Roadmap

This is the first MetaCartel grant working with a crypto adjacent project. If this proposal passes and the TeleFuel teams delivers, the next phase would be to immediately experiment with a chat based dApp browser with built-in wallet functionality.

Since most MetaCartel DAO members already live in Telegram, the goal would be to bring deep linking dApp functionality to chat.

This is just the beginning. :sunglasses:. Stay tuned :rocket:

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Hey Everyone, I’m one of the co-founders of Telefuel. I wanted to clarify what we are offering.

We’re essentially building you whitelabel software with your own branding, domain, custom desktop build, and team features in exchange for grant and community support.

For the teams product, projects can create unlimited workspaces accessible to only team members. If the proposal is approved, Metacartel will have access to this teams product indefinitely.

Excited to be building for you all. Hit me up with any questions - t.me/mattnguyen

This part would be really cool

I’m using the beta of Telefuel, and as a crypto community manager and Telegram power user, I’ve found this app to be of incredible value. They are building out new features and making it better all the time. Co-founders Alan and Matt are pretty damn awesome too. Highly responsive and receptive to feeback. Really loving this product, even in its early stages.

Agreed! We’re looking forward to building this in. Stay tuned :sunglasses:

Thank you for the kind words and the support! Appreciate you :pray:t4:and happy to be building for & with you guys :rocket:

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