DAO Proposal: iearn.finance

Hey @meta_cartel,

What is it?

The purpose of iearn.finance is very simple. Yield aggregator for lending platforms that rebalances for highest yield whenever the contract is interacted with.

Full documentation available docs.iearn.finance

The system currently supports;

  • $DAI
  • $USDC
  • $USDT
  • sUSD
  • DAI-USDC (CurveFinance)
  • wBTC
  • $ETH

Upcoming support for $BAT, $KNC, $LINK, $MKR, $REP, $SNX, $ZRX.

The system current aggregates;

  • Compound
  • Fulcrum
  • dYdX
  • Aave

Busy integrating DDEX and LENDF, trying to do Nuo as well, but the APR is currently difficult to calculate.


Similar services in this space include staked RAY, idleDAI, topo (not yet launched), and metamarkets (not yet launched).

Why build it?

The system simplifies the user journey so that the #DeFi investor doesn’t have to worry about the underlying protocols, yield hunting or understanding complex #DeFi strategies.

It simplifies complex strategies like being an LP provider to UniswapExchange (via iETH) or depositing DAI into cDAI with swap from cDAI to cUSDC and into CurveFinance, a strategy example docs.iearn.finance

When comparing interest, it also considers LP opportunities with the underlying token protocol, so it won’t just compare fulcrum.trade’s iDAI with compound.finance’s cDAI, but also weigh up how much APR is possible by being an LP for ETH/cDAI and adjusts the cDAI performance based on this calculation.

What funding do I need?

This is a complete #OS, free, 0 fee system. I even encourage people to run their own versions or become a competitor. I just need help with getting audits done as currently it is proving quite expensive given the quotes I have received.

Anything else?

The system is built out of different mini components (heavily inspired by DeFi_Zap) that are usable and composable on-chain, such as APR aggregators, recommendation decision trees, or just interfaces. Full documentation registry and interfaces available docs.iearn.finance

Thank you for your consideration.



Quick update;

Received all the audit quotes. Ended up just paying for it, so no longer funding required. Thank you if you read the post!

Might as well update on some of the features;

Additional features added;


Add support for dYdx, Compound, Aave, and Fulcrum APR
Swap between ETH and any asset via on-chain dex aggregators for minimum slippage
Uniswap liquidity provider strategy
ETH to DAI into aprDAI strategy
aprDAI into DAI into ETH strategy
issue representative interest token on invest
shares pool calculation
shares redemption strategy
pool value calculation

#Features 27-01-2020

Add support for Chai as an option
Completed uniroi.iearn.eth and liquidity considerations
Completed uniapr.iearn.eth for APR considerations
Added walkthrough example

#Features 31-01-2020

Invest / Redeem ZAP for Compound, Fulcrum, Aave, and dYdX
Completed iapr.iearn.eth for on-chain APR decision trees
Completed imanage.iearn.eth for on-chain stateless execution
Added support for DAI
Added support for USDT
Added support for USDC
Added support for SUSD

#Features 03-02-2020

Support for DDEX in apradj.iearn.eth
Support for LENDF in apradj.iearn.eth
Added support for wBTC
Added support for Ledger
Support for DDEX in iapradj.iearn.eth
Support for LENDF in iapradj.iearn.eth

Happy building!


New feature updates;

Features 12-02-2020

  • Added yDAI v2 upgrades ydaiv2.iearn.eth

  • Added yUSDC v2 upgrades yusdcv2.iearn.eth

  • Added yUSDT v2 upgrades yusdtv2.iearn.eth

  • Added ySUSD v2 upgrades ysusdv2.iearn.eth

  • Added yTUSD v2 upgrades ytusdv2.iearn.eth

  • Added yWBTC v2 upgrades ybtcv2.iearn.eth

  • Reduced gas costs from 1.5MM to 250k for withdraw & deposit

Published duneanalytics dashboard; https://explore.duneanalytics.com/public/dashboards/Jy3uqtqLgcrHjARzIRB7ezSNO8DvqabI6ESqiT7k


Features 14-02-202

  • Just released https://y.curve.fi/ pool. Swap yield bearing tokens yUSDC, yDAI, yUSDT, and yTUSD via Curve. Gain optimized yield via iearn.finance and LP rewards via Curve
  • Added support for yTUSD

Thanks for watching!

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Thanks for the updates :pray:

Address from Andre: 0x2D407dDb06311396fE14D4b49da5F0471447d45C