DAO Proposal: Internal fundraising operations

Hi, I am Peter - Summoner of MetaCartel and we are beginning to raise additional funds, and thus will need financial support to successfully pursue this.

Proposal amount: 5k USD (24 DAO shares)

Track record

  • Was the DAO’s co-initiator
  • Fulltime on MetaCartel turning 2018 and fulltime on the DAO during April + June, July & August
  • Coordinated MetaCartel Demo Day alongside other DAO members

What the funds will be used for

  • The fundraising activities being conducted
  • Travel costs involved in visiting conferences to then fundraise for the MetaCartel DAO

Fund the full-time effort to raise more DAO funds to get our DAO over the line into the territory of 500k USD+

  • This initial 5k will help reimburse some previous costs in operating the DAO as well as fundraising work leading up to the end of Osaka Devcon5, maybe need additional funds to attend SF Blockchain Week 2019 at the end of Oct.

Address: 0x7a446C7FDa67E5E8705Ad90F2dA52Fc018280731