DAO Proposal/Membership Proposal: Mediate App as MetaCartel Rev Gen DAO Prototype

Hey all - Jake Vartanian here. It was a pleasure hanging out with some of you all in Denver. After discussions with @pet3rpan @OKDuncan @JamesW and a few others, I have a unique proposal for DAO membership and a test project for the rev gen DAO that we decided should be posted here (although it crosses over a few topics). Will follow the structure as much as I can, but this taps into a few things that may warrant further discussion from the DAO before it can be accepted.

  1. What have you worked on / how have you contributed to the Web 3.0 ecosystem?
  • I started the first-ever token launch consulting company called Cryptodex and got to work on some really cool projects including SingularDTV (now Breaker), Tokencard (now Monolith), Primalbase and Bancor.

  • I have been designing unique revenue-generating models for DAOs and community-based economies since I left my time with Bancor which I am happy to have a discussion with anyone here about. @Dekan or @vengist can confirm this.

  1. Why do you want to join MetaCartel DAO?

I want to join the DAO because I am a huge fan of what you all are up to and can contribute to designing the model for the rev-gen DAO.

I also have a project that I think will be a perfect prototype project for the rev-gen DAO to work on, (that we can start using now) which I will get into more in the next question.

I also want to go fast and far simultaneously and as we all know, teamwork makes the dream work.

  1. What is your pledge size?

This is the unique part of my application, so I apologize in advance for the length of the post.

I have been working on a project called Mediate that is a building block for many other applications. The great thing is that it can stand as an application by itself and has multiple use cases with revenue-generating possibilities.

The alpha of the application is live on Rinkeby and can be tested here. It is essentially an application for bets and escrows on Ethereum. Here are some of the possible use cases with explanations.

Here is a short-form version of use cases:

  • Buy/sell online social media accounts

  • Escrow for an item on craigslist

  • Replace eBay like services

  • Freelance services

  • Buy/sell In-game items

  • Twitter betting

As you can see from the link to the app above, the application is basically complete, and minor UI/UX tweaks can make it more suitable for different use cases. We should focus on one primary use case to start - I would suggest social twitter betting.

I do not have the capacity to work on this project alone. I want to contribute in the way that makes sense (product design and biz dev), but need technical and marketing support from a great organization like MetaCartel DAO.

What I am proposing is that we create a token where the holders receive the revenue generated from each escrow or bet created. I would allocate MetaCartel 60% of the profits generated in perpetuity as my tribute to join the DAO (or another way of looking at this is giving 60% of the equity in Mediate to the DAO). There is a developer that I have been working with on the project who is an amazing Solidity developer based in Columbia whom I would also like to receive DAO membership for this proposal.

With the current ETH price around $180, the value of two 10 ETH memberships is $3,600. Trading 60% of an almost complete dapp with rev-gen potential seems to me to be a fair value.

If Felipe, the solidity developer mentioned above and one front end developer work on the project we could start releasing various use cases for this project quickly and solidify a building block for many future applications.

Additionally, as mentioned above, this would be a great prototype for a rev-gen project that we can start working on today and have a functional project for the rev-gen DAO immediately upon launch.

  1. What else should we know about you?
  • I have been in crypto since 2011 and have a passion for economics

  • I have been working on local currency models for communities for the past couple of years on my project Native. We released an alpha towards the end of last year and have a super exciting partnership in the Denver area and are building a fully integrated community application with a physical space

I look forward to seeing how this proposal is received by the MetaCartel and am excited to work with you all to create the rev-gen DAO.

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