DAO Proposal: Meta Gamma Delta ΜΓΔ

Meta Gamma Delta (ΜΓΔ) A buidl sorority that supports dope projects made by dope women/adjacent/allies/cis/non-binary/insert PC category

Pain Point

“Blockchain for women” WhatsApp/Telegram groups are just chats for people to post their events. No additional value comes out of it.

64% of millennials have a side hustle. 2.2% of female founders receive venture capital.

Value Proposition

Meta Gamma Delta is a community of ravenous humans who provide community, mentorship, resources and grants for those who want to build dope sh!t.

Meta Gamma Delta “MGD” was summoned as a DAO at ETH Denver 2020. MGD is a parody sorority on a real mission of providing support for women-led projects. Our crew is a virtual community with members distributed across the world. Rush Meta Gamma Delta for professional development, memes, and because you probs didn’t go Greek in college.


  • Launched February 14, 2020
  • First DAO to launch a decentralized website
  • DAO built on Moloch V1


  • 15 paid members, 8 pledges (waitlist) 103 Telegram, 105 Twitter
  • 7 internal blockchain/token projects proposed
  • Raised 497 DAI on Gitcoin (and counting) (03/30/2020)


  • Network effect of 15 members, their Web2 and Web3 communities
  • Onboard Web2 folks to Web3
  • Incentivize curation of diverse solutions and ideation
  • Actively supporting women-led projects

Why should users join MGD?

  • We offer capital and mentorship for women-led projects, so dope ideas don’t go unnoticed


  • Introducing Web2 folks to Web3 ecosystem, we can’t cause chaos alone


  • MGD offers a collaborative community on how to build and fund creative projects, we also like to make memes to taint the Twitterverse.

Financial Sustainability

Expanding on the foundations of onboarding the next batches of members, we are becoming the most active and influential DAO to promote women-led projects in Web3.
We’re asking for a grant of $2000 which would allow us to focus on our roadmap of building a DAO to support women-led projects. Our first technical roadmap is building a defi solution for grant/donation treasury management, revenue generation and funding planning.Vision is to roll out for other DAOs/communities/non-profits to use if desired. Ultimately, to keep our MGD DAO self-sustaining. This $2000 grant from MetaCartel will also receive 1:1 matching by a committed donor.

Grant Ask: $2000


Awesome! Where can I learn more about this and how you did it? Also, does the MGD DAO actually own the domain and control it via voting or something?

Also awesome! Where can I learn more about this too - and is this an internal project or can hackers contribute?

hola! We do own the domain and we do not control it via voting. I know Zayi and Kseniya was responsible for our site

For the b2b savings account for nonprofits/projects/institutions, Project Poop (not official name) is an ERC20 token which bundles and wraps together cDAI (Compound‘s version of Dai) and ocDAI (Opyn Insurance) tokens into a single asset.

We have a member who built this but for B2C so we are rebuilding this for groups. Right now it’s internal but opening this up for other groups to use, as is the purpose. However if you’re interested in contributing on the project would like to work together! I don’t know if we’ve set it as internal only but I’d be open to opening it up.

So this is a static web page that’s deployed to IPFS and users can reach it via Cloudflare’s IPFS service - is that correct? If so, have you thought of also getting an ENS name that resolves to said static IPFS hash and then transferring ownership of the ENS domain to your DAO?

Is this to protect against contract risk within the DAI ecosystem? If so, some of the LexDAO crew might be interested in hacking with you on that. They’re creating all sorts of legal legos around DAI and DeFi that allow people to cap downside risk while using crypto.

@pet3rpan when will this proposal going to be reviewed?

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If it has been shared with the telegram group - then I suggest that you should be okay to just go put it on-chain.

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Yeah I totally support this as well