DAO Proposal: MetaCartel's Software Expenses

Current expenses:
Square space website: $162 USD a year ($14 a month)
Typeform subscription: $420 a year ($35 a month)
Discourse forum hosting paid by JY: $240 a year ($20 a month)
NameCheap Domain hosting for MetaCartel.org: $30 a year
Google Emails (5 people rn): $60 per year per person ($300 USD a year atm)
Digital Ocean (2 droplets): $10 a month ($120 a year)

Requesting funds for:

  • Reimbursing all expenses paid out of pocket by pet3rpan
  • Expenses for the next year
  • Extra $500 USD wiggle room budget for further expenses required (eg. google emails)

Funds for previous expenses:
Squarespace (Billing Paid since Feb’ 2019) [$162]
Typeform subscription (Billing Paid Since Nov’ 2019) [$175]
James Young Discourse Hosting: (Billing paid for nearly a year) [$240]
NameCheap Domain: [$30]
Google Emails: (2 x $60 for nearly a year) [$120]
Digital Ocean: (for nearly a year) [$120 a year]

= $162+175+240+30+120+120 x DSR avg. of 3%
= $847 USD x DSR avg. of 3%
= $872 USD

Funds for 1 year of expenses ahead
Square space website: $162 USD
Typeform subscription: $420
Discourse forum hosting paid by JY: $240
NameCheap Domain hosting for MetaCartel.org: $30
Google Emails (5 people rn): $300
Digital Ocean (2 droplets): $120

= 162+420+240+30+300+120
= 1272 USD

Funds for additional room
Google @metacartel.org emails: $300 (5 more possible accounts)

= $300 USD

Total funds requested:
= $2444 USD
= 37 Shares (@ $130 USD)


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Seems very reasonable, esp considering the impact of MetaCartel and the capital that’s been put to work with such little overhead. Thanks for doing this @pet3rpan!

You know we can get a free instance of Discourse by telling them we are an open-source project right ?

Wait… are we paying for server costs to host this forum ourselves or are we paying Discourse directly? Because we should def not be paying Discourse directly (although we :heart: open source, we are open source so we should be able to get Discourse for free as @Yalor said).

server costs from discourse hosting

Just saying, we got a free server from Discourse when we applied. https://free.discourse.group/