DAO Proposal: MetaClan

Hey guys,

Wanted to use this post to provide some context on the current state of MetaClan - an eSports DAO enhancing play-to-earn mechanics in crypto games through member-exclusive quests.

MetaClan was originally pitched to me by Peter and is led by myself and James Waugh from MetaCartel along with Alex “SillyTuna” Amsel and Piers Kicks - two individuals with strong ties in the wider gaming community and years of experience in competitive gaming.

We’ve received strong feedback with over 100 members on Telegram, 60 members in Discord and ~250 followers on Twitter. More importantly, we’ve received verbal support from major gaming studios included but not limited to Skymavis (Axie Infinity) Blockade Games (Neon District) and The Sandbox Game - all of which are keen on us to knock this out of the park.

For those eager to learn more, here are our first two articles to provide more detail on what MetaClan is and how it’s being structured.

Introducing MetaClan (primer)

Prepare for Takeoff (roles, first commander + original quest)

TLDR: MetaClan will be summoned as a MolochV2 in the coming weeks in tandem with the launch of our first quest - an Axie Infinity Breeding Tournament.

Our Ask:

We are seeking 30 shares (~$3000 plus a small amount of buffer for ETH volatility) in grant funding to seed the DAO for both our first inaugural quest and a suite of future quests.

This grant will be split in half as follows:

  • 15 shares paid to cover the cost of the Axie Breeding Tournament (our first quest)
  • Remaining 15 shares to be delivered upon the completion of the tournament if the DAO believes the engagement and feedback from the first quest merits funding future endeavors.

Please note that unlike other grants, it’s difficult to quantity a milestone for incubating a digital community - specifically one with as many angles as “crypto-gaming”. To this, I would suggest that successfully executing on the first quest and having X players pledged to the DAO is a milestone in and of itself.

If you have ideas on what a better milestone or metric might be we’re happy to hear it!

Details about the breeding tournament economics can be found here. All feedback is encouraged and welcomed!

Address to receive shares: 0x5B93FF82faaF241c15997ea3975419DDDd8362c5

Our Mission:

  • Create a community for users to come together and discuss strategies for leading crypto games
  • Collect a War Chest of OP loot, in-game currencies and meme items for every notable crypto game.
  • Reduce barriers to entry to allow as many people to play with (and hopefully break) MolochV2.
  • Work directly with gaming studios to make games easier to digest for new users
  • Create competitive guides to allow new players to ascend ranks faster than they could on their own
  • Tie together a social reputation system in Discord with governance rights including access to private channels, better loot and secret quests.
  • Seed liquidity for popular game markets to kickstart successful economies.


  • Introduction article posted here
  • Roles announced here
  • Discord channel buffed to incorporate roles and ranking system
  • First MetaClan Commander - 3xHuman - announced.
  • MetaClan website deployed (WIP)
  • Collaboration with AxieGG on breeding tournament tools, strategy and economics
  • Breeding tournament judges confirmed.
  • Verbal DAO commitment from Axie, Sandbox and more.


  • Detailed reports on all quests sharing insights and takeaways + access to in-game meta strategies for DAO members
  • Overviews on the current gaming landscape include trends, design and gameplay overlap.
  • Insights into how to better price gaming NFTs in tandem with projects like OpenSea.
  • POAP NFTs created for all quest participants
  • Open to suggestions?

Use of Funds:

To date, MetaClan has been seeded out of pocket including:

  • MetaClan Sandbox Estate ($400)
  • Website design + hosting ($150)
  • Uniswap Small Love Potions purchases ($100)

Our immediate future costs:

  • Bulk SLP Deal ($500)
  • Low Breed Count Axies ($250)
  • Pokemol DAO Design Upgrade ($100)
  • Tournament prizes (~$250)

Future Funds:

  • All future funds from this grant will go solely to seeding quests. Upon the request for the second half of the grant funds, we will propose a follow on quest similar to the breeding tournament
  • We envision a budget of ~$500 per quest which will hopefully be ramped up with incoming pledges and sponsors.
  • We invite all members of MetaCartel to help influence our future quests.

Additional Information:

  • MetaClan base tributes are set at 25 Dai / share.
  • Lord tributes (gaming studios) are set at a minimum of 250 Dai.
  • We are exploring different NFT galleries that allow MetaClan members to point their loot towards a common display without having to transfer custody.
  • We are exploring different NFT lending options like LoanShark to better stake MetaClan players in tournaments without having to worry about valuable items being stolen.

Closing Thoughts

There is a non-zero chance that a crypto-game will go viral. We seek to be on the forefront of these games and create the leading teams for competitive and social cooperation.

More so than winning every tournament, the bigger value add here is that of community. MetaClan caters to all players, noob to expert, with different ranks to ensure everyone has a home while being able to interact under a wider umbrella.

If you or your project feel like you can aide us in our mission to conquer web3 games, please give me a shout!


This is super cool. Really excited to see guilds of players collaborating to go on quests to earn loot. Seems kind of like the modern version of a workers co-op, but playing video games instead of farming lol

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Was just in the MetaClan Telegram chat and saw that a game developer dropped in to shill their new game. This is important for a few reasons:

  • MetaClan creates a shelling point for people passionate about playing and hacking on games to assemble to.
  • MetaClan creates a shelling point for game developers to shill their stuff and get feedback from an engaged cryptonative audience.

This has a few consequences:

  • MetaClan is positioned to get great “deal flow” where the clan can play games before there’s a lot of competition to earn loot, potentially reselling it at a later date for profit.
  • MetaClan can offer user testing as a service. One way to do this would be to have game developers explicitly buy the clan’s (TBD) work token in order to get players to try out their game and provide feedback. Another way would be to form relationships with games to have them put up in-game quests/bounties and then give MetaClan first dibs because they know the clan will then provide valuable feedback.

Overall, it seems like the space needs a way for gamers to organize, and MetaClan can provide that for both players and game devs. Then as players earn loot and/or form squads/DAOs within the MetaClan some of those profits could be shared with the clan as a whole. As such, there’s a benefit to being part of the clan because you get access to information from top players as well as access to awesome raids/quests/opportunities, but as you benefit from this relationship you tribute some of your loot back to the clan to support the MetaClan commons.

Note: this is kind of already what was stated in the original post, but having talked to lots of “expert communities” lately it seems like this model of coordinating a market for talent is a re-occuring theme so thought it might be helpful to highlight that.

This is a great point. Right now there doesn’t appear to be a place for cross-game developers to share ideas and I believe MetaClan is exactly that!

Proposal live: https://pokemol.com/dao/0x0372f3696fa7dc99801f435fd6737e57818239f2/proposal/114

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I think the proposal says 17 shares are being asked for rather than 15. Is that correct, and if so, why?