DAO Proposal: MetaFuel Second Distribution

Hey Everyone! Alan from Telefuel/MetaFuel project here with a quick update around our second proposal. (View our first proposal here)

We were able to ship the first release for MetaFuel to the community earlier this week, and got the first members of the community onboarded during the Town Hall meeting on Tuesday :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re working through some bugs, UX improvements, and our Ethereum wallet integration via Abridged SDK, but everyone is now welcome to use the initial release!

Try it via web here: https://metafuel.org
Or download for desktop: https://telefuel.com/downloads

James Young will be submitting our proposal for the second distribution for 99.36 Shares shortly (calculation below).

  • Total Proposal Amount = $11,500
  • Amount Received = $2,057 (15.4 ETH @ $133.17)
  • Balance Due = $9,443
    • 68.8 ETH @ $137.22 USD/ETH
    • 99.36 Shares @ 0.6924 ETH/Share

Finally - we’d love your feedback on the product so far! I’ll be reaching out to folks individually to discuss your experience with MetaFuel so far and see what we can do to improve the experience for the community.

Looking forward



We shall build a weapon of mass telegramization that the community shall come to fear


It’s been pointed out that I goofed on the URL for MetaFuel (and already edited the post once, which seems to be the limit :man_facepalming:t2:).

Try MetaFuel here: https://www.metafuel.org

(We’ll get the redirect going so the naked domain works as well).


Updating math:

Balance Due = $9,443 USD
= 70.9 ETH @ $133.17 USD/ETH
= 0.6894 ETH/Share