DAO Proposal: MyMeta

:face_with_raised_eyebrow:So, WTF is MyMeta?!

MetaGame is sort of like LinkedIn, except not boring and nothing like LinkedIn.

MyMeta is your decentralized profile - to begin with.

Since what we’re trying to do here is build a new world, it makes sense that one of the first things we build is a place for you to show who you are.

  • A place to display skills & traits, your past work & affiliations, your play style & maybe even your NFT gallery.
  • A place other people can use to get in contact or contract with you.

Of course, this is Web3; MyMeta isn’t being built just for players of MetaGame.

  • MyMeta will be for anyone who wants a cool-looking decentralized profile page.

Here’s what the current live version looks like:

Here’s some design mockups with custom backgrounds:

MyMeta design v0.99

Now onto what we want from it…

In the long run:

  • MyMeta shall be customizable as fuck in any way imaginable.
  • With those “add new section” blocks down under, MyMeta shall work equally well for an NFT artists, a blogger, a smart contract developer &… a DAO :scream:
  • The people shall be able to integrate smart contract interactions to use it as a dapp dashboard, a shop or w/e

To begin with:

  • What you see is what you get.


  • Finish up the profile creation flow & whatever is missing.
  • Make it all work for guilds.

Mostly using React, TypeScript & GraphQL (if you’re a developer, come get some Seeds)


Asking for $5k to continue seeding this.
We will use the funds to keep buying Seeds back from contributors & using them to provide liquidity to the Balancer pool.

  • With $5k, we can probably get >$20k worth of contributions and maybe more.

More? Yeah, so far only 1% of Seed holders actually wanted to sell their Seeds, so, in theory, that could be up to $500k lol. But you know, theories and reality…


We see these profiles as the core infrastructure for metagame & the DAO ecosystem as a whole.
As mentioned above, these profiles aren’t being built for ourselves, but any person or a DAO that needs a personal workfolio page or a members directory.

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Personally I still don’t see it, I’m not sure what MyMeta is looking to solve for, seems like you are creating something that is cool but not essential to the DAO ecosystem.

But, I have been wrong before, probably more often than I am right :sweat_smile: and you have been a long time member of MetaCartel bringing lots of value and contributors, myself included, into the DAO so I vote yes, if only just for you @pETH :kissing_heart:

The problem its solving is DAO member discoverability.

Profiles on their own are not very useful. People can use them the same way they use personal portfolio pages but its not like everyone will create a profile and have a link to it in their twitter bio.

But, as part of DAOs… If we want to scale the DAO ecosystem & unlock more value, we need to make DAO members more easily discoverable to other members, especially new members coming in that have no idea who the existing members are, what their skills are, what are they working on, how’s their availability etc. etc.

That’s why DAOs that are about doing things (vs just funding things), have been building member directories. 1Hive built one, Raid Guild is building one, d0rg is interested in using MyMeta etc. I have no doubt other DAOs popping up will be interested in having one.
So yeah, I do see this as part of the core infrastructure for the DAO ecosystem - which isn’t to say others will actually use it and not build their own, but that’s why they need to be extremely modular.

You and me don’t need it because we know everyone in the DAOs we’re members of, but that’s not the case for the people we’re onboarding and it won’t always be the case for us either, as DAOs scale. :man_shrugging:

I think you’re also discounting experimental value of this in the context of MetaGame.

With $5k, we can probably get $20k+ worth of contributions.

MetaGame’s first “product” is this system of bootstrapping projects with social capital vs financial capital.
Funding for the sake of seeing how far our system can stretch out $5k is alone worth the investment imo.

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