DAO Proposal : Operation PAN Drop 🍳

The Plan

Physically Drop 600 PAN tokens to each member of MetaCartel DAO.

58,800 Tokens
98 Members

After todays meeting it was decided that we should rally behind MGD for this latest round of grant funding.

Some Maths

With 98 members, according to DAOhaus data
Each member eligible to receive 10 DAI per person in equivalent PAN tokens, for the matching.

10 DAI = 600 PAN * 98 Members = 58,800 PAN tokens.

At todays prices It will cost 1041 in DAI to purchase these tokens. That’s 7.43 DAO shares, let’s call it 8.

I plan on doing the distribution through a google sheet Typeform where people can add their ETH addresses and verify their DAO membership status.

I will donate any remaining amount to MGD Grant myself at the end of the funding round just before matching ends.

Any feedback or improvements are welcome :speaking_head:


This is super cool to hear! Thanks for the donation of PAN, time and energy to help MGD fundraise.
We got a lot of new members since DAO rush week, and with real high gas costs we could onboard everyone in.
We love this support from you! And that is allowing us to keep moving. Our DAO membership is very low (specifically to be a low barrier for women in crypto) to join us. As a consequence, our Guildbank is not the richest one in DAO Taown :wink: That’s why we appreciate the fundraising initiatives and support.

Tks so much, on behalf of all of us!

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Let’s drop some PAN like it’s 1969 :man_dancing:t3: