DAO Proposal: PCDC Auction House (Dapp for minting, auctions, art and education)

PCDC Auction House is a web3.0 Dapp that allows users to Mint, Auction/Trade Virtual Items on the Blockchain.

Our vision is to be an “Agnostic” Aggregate for Virtual items. The best Tech wins with us; Ethereum is incredible, can’t wait to add Algorand & Hedera. We are currently focusing on Art and education; we have great connections in this space and will expand as our proof of concept gains more traction!

"Immutable Virtual Items for ALL"

Our Vision

Check out the Alpha: out-li588hfua.now.sh/marketplace/

We are building for the newbies, this is our mass adoption play.
Which will be coupled with our local meetups we currently hold!

We have a solid team & I speak on panels as well to spread the vision!
Our local meetups are growing! https://www.meetup.com/rabbithole/events/263703276/

Why this is useful?

Our Dapp allows creators to mint with blockchain technology in a simple manner.

Creators & Companies can now build virtual items & Reward models for their current proven audience!

• Free virtual event tickets

• NFT collectible for free

• VIP membership for Retreats & workshops

Currently we have to “Hold some folks hands” until this is an automatic process.

This is why we are partnering with Huge conferences like “Crypto Invest Summit”.
This will allow companies to experience this technology and put it to use!

Why is this exciting?

This is an incredible platform geared toward virtual industry standards and will allow artists and companies alike to rely on a trusted PLATFORM that has gained consensus on what is ethical in the digital space.

Projects interested in working with us / integrating / partnering

We are in talks with 5 projects locally and 5 projects internationally!

Our Progress

  • Finished Dapp Alpha build out.


  • BuiDL main smart contracts: Aggregate & Minting contracts
  • Budget for Developers

Next milestone (Launch)

January 31, 2020

  • Smart contract completion
  • Audit is completed
  • Documentation and marketing is ready

The main cost of launching this will be the cost of…

  • Conducting the Audit
  • Marketing

After the launch, we can gauge further validation and traction within the community for further development and investment of resources into PCDC as an industry standard.

How much funding do you need and what will it be used to do?

DAO Funding proposal:

$6,600 USD to complete the aggregate minting smart contracts and audits.

DAO Funding proposal:

$2,200 USD Marketing & local meetup sponsorship.

Total cost of: $8,800

Thank you for this, the space really needs more platforms providing this for devs and innovators!

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Hey, this is super cool… have you seen the TrojanDAO? They’er just getting going. It’s an art focused DAO.


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Oh wow!

I will check them out! Should I migrate my proposal over there?