DAO Proposal: solUI


solUI is an open source tool that lets you generate Dapps/UIs for your smart contracts without needing to know frontend coding.

The first version, including a live demo, is available at: https://solui.dev

Unlike other similar tools, it is also intended for testing locally-developed contracts. Developers write a JSON template and check it into source control alongside their contracts. Once it’s ready they can publish it straight to IPFS so that it’s always available.

Everything is handled through the command-line client, installed via:

npm install -g @solui/cli
  • It’s perfect for quickly creating and publishing UIs, e.g. for admin use, hackathons, etc.
  • The UI template operates at a higher level than the contract ABI so the UI can be more intelligent (e.g. checking whether input addresses are contracts or not).
  • Every solUI Dapp is shareable and embeddable in another page and the styling can be customized on a per-instance basis.
  • solUI itself is packaged in a modular way so you can use the UI parser programmatically (think “headless testing”)

The roadmap going forward involves, amongst others:

  • Supporting more types of input fields
  • Using an on-chain contract as a mapping so that we can fetch the UI associated with a given contract address.
  • Integrating with dapp browsers, mobile wallet developers so that a more user-friendly UI can be presented for contract

I hope solUI can - if the community likes it - evolve into a commonly-used tool such that in future the majority of on-chain contracts get deployed along with user-friendly UIs. It would be cool to be able to enter just a contract address (no ABI needed) into something like Etherscan and immediately get a nice UI for the contract.

At present the team is just me (@hiddentao).

Telegram: https://t.me/soluidev

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