DAO Proposal: The Dogs Molochs DAO Dashboard (for DAOsaka)

the dogs molochs :cherries: (for DAOsaka)

It’s an open-source forkable web3.0 Dapp dashboard for Moloch DAO and it’s forks.

"Quickly see state of your DAO, your share balance, and perform actions like voting and proposals. Simples."


We worked with MetaCartel via our product KnownOrigin on an DAOICO for art curation DAO selling NFTs for DevCon V in Osaka. :japanese_castle: - Find our twitter and medium article to read more.

During this process we quickly learnt about the awesome bits of DAOs and the clunky bits with the current tooling. In a nutshell, using oneclickdapp to manage stuff is just painful to be honest :crying_cat_face: and PokeMol needs infrastructure (more suited to larger long-living DAOs).

We wrote this up here in more detail:

Check out the Alpha: https://thedogsmolochs.blockrocket.tech/

The alpha uses Web3 and show all the stats and the proposals with their corresponding state.

Why this is useful and exciting?

DAOs are cool but a little tricky to understand. We want to help with the tooling so the next innovators can quickly spin up dApp view on their Moloch fork and see that all funds are SAFU and where they should be…

This dApp is in VueJs and is simple to install and run with NodeJs and NPM. Connect to Web3 and you are up and running!

Our Progress

  • Basic read only version deployed with config for Moloch, MetaCartel, DAOsaka, YangDao, and Orochi DAO. Been actively used to help manage DAOsaka collab. :+1:


  • This needs cleaning up so other and quickly get their heads into it will decent README documentation (including instruction on how to add new DAOs via pull request) :memo:
  • Add warnings for missing Web3 provider and add a Web3 “connect” style integration.
  • Actions: Submit Proposal, Vote, Abort, Process, RageQuite - nice big buttons and easy access. We need people voting on stuff to keep DAOs alive! :arrow_heading_up:
  • Better UX/UI design (we used bootstrap and our limited skills in this area :wink: )
  • Better domain hosting (potentially on ENS / IPFS etc)

We don’t want to over-cook this puppy but some effort now should mean this has usefulness for others and lives as an another tool in the DAO armoury :crossed_swords:

Funding Proposal

We have done considerable effort to get this out in it’s current state and are asking for $1000 to complete the tasks above to make this slick and production ready for us and others.

Andy Gray
BlockRocket / KnowOrigin / DAOsaka


Thanks for posting here Andy! Big fan of the Dogs Moloch Dashboard

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Yes! Very glad to see this proposal land here. Really exciting to see further dao composability and integration happening.

I just checked the code out and it was dead simple to get up and running, both locally and in Firebase. Great work!