DAO Proposal: TREE by WhalerDAO

Hey all,


Owen here, writing as a member of WhalerDAO. We’re a group of people from across multiple blockchain projects looking to leverage DeFi value for good.


Our first project is TREE, an elastic supply token that, on positive rebase, mints and sells additional tokens to a charity pool as well as a reserve. TREE will also double as the governance token for a DAO that decides how to distribute funds in the charity pool. At any point, users can also exit by burning their TREEs for a proportion of the reserve. The proportion is given to be the square of one’s share of the supply, to incentivize long-term holding. We’ve already got the contracts up here, and we’re currently working on write-ups, as well as the front-end to allow for the initial distribution (which will be farming based) and the burning portal.

The Ask

We’re looking for 1 ETH to help with the deployment costs of the contracts, as well as the ability to associate the MetaCartel brand with our project on the website and blog posts.


Lets go!

Fully support this

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