Data DAO(s) [DAO Incubation Proposal] - a Meta(Data)DAO for data, DAOs, and beyond 🤩

Ahoy! :pirate_flag: everyone :wave: (I’m @insideNiMA on Twitter/Telegram/Medium)

This is an initial proposal meant to brainstorm and get feedback on the idea of a (non-profit) community funding DAO focused on open data projects and initiatives in the Ethereum ecosystem and the wider web3 space …

I’ve been a Metacartel fan and supporter (tho not a formal member) since the early days back in 2019 :slight_smile: but because my area of interest was/is data & AI … I could not really add much value (beyond gitcoin CLR donations) to projects proposed here that did not involve much or any data/ML/AI!

My first contribution on this forum was this short blog post/topic (that is still in top 10 most viewed) about alternative DAO structures and since then kept following the DAO space very closely and joined some initiatives like YangDAO :eyes:

Now, back to the proposal (data focused DAO) —> I’ve been slowly building a small community of data/AI folks in the crypto space (some through Ocean Protocol and some my podcast Pretopia.FM) and feel now is the right time to start coordinating our activities with a DAO!

Our friend @burrrata has been very kind in helping us (myself and about 10-15 AI*Blockchain enthusiasts) test the waters with an AraCred Dandelion DAO on Rinkeby that is configured and connected to SourceCred (for now this forum We are now considering moving to mainnet (a Moloch-ish DAO should do the job for now!) and adding real token funding to the DAO treasury! (Starting with ~10-20K$ per month but much larger budget available through Ocean’s eco fund as the first sponsor)

I saw @pet3rpan ‘s Tweets about MetaCartel transforming into a DAO Incubator, so I thought regardless of the technical substrate (Moloch vs. Aragon etc) it would be great to see if anyone here is interested to join forces!

We’ve already been collaborating with and supporting the MetaCartel community in a few ways (in)formally … e.g. sponsoring DragonQuest bounties (@Yalor ) and funding MC projects on Gitcoin CLR. Would be great to collaborate and hack on data related projects in Metaverse :rocket:

One of the first projects/initiatives that would be running through this DAO is a gamification system for community contributions not unlike what MetaGame is doing! @pETH :wave: is helping out a bit with that and a few other things!

A major theme of this DAO would be acting as a data DAO incubator itself! Data DAOs or Data Coops/Unions/Trusts are a very cool new concept that try to give back control and sovereignty of data to the users and creators of the data. You can listen to this podcast about data trusts to familiarize yourself with the concept on a very high level:

Another key idea is Data (Access) Tokens … DATs would be to Data DAO(s) what meta transactions are/were to the early Metacartel community! Tokenizing data is something that we are working on at Ocean (Alpha version coming to an Ethereum testnet in about a month!) to (among other benefits) bridge DeFi and Data (DeDa?) :fire:

I already have a few very cool projects in mind that would receive funding from this to-be-launched DAO! FlexDapps’ Enzypt is one of them. Another one is the cool guys at d5DAO (DAO of Data Scientists who have built things like EthereumETL and :thought_balloon: open to your suggestions for other interesting AIDataBlockchain projects and ideas …

Let me know what y’all think about Data DAO(s) :nerd_face: also feel free to DM me on Twitter/Telegram @insideNiMA