Digital Activities, a Narative for the world during COVID-19

Hey gang :hot_pepper:

Myself, @Callum & @MarkPascall have been pushing hard over the past fortnight to launch ‘NZDAO’ - We’ve now been in touch with government organisations & social impact funders/influences across New Zealand.

The point of the experiment is to scale some of the culture/execution/ideology of the MetaCartel & surrounding DAOs to the real world, without necessarily using crypto/blockchain as a technical backend (at least initially).

Focused on conducting digital experiments in New Zealand (obviously this is internationally scalable) while everyone is in lock down.

We have a few ‘genesis DAO proposals’ such as a NZ wide remix competition with national artists & producers plus an Esports platform for multiple types of NZ gaming tournaments and to connect gamers in NZ. Don’t think too far down these individual examples, more the precedent they set - Basically allowing anyone to build something cool online during these times. The idea for these two is to prove out the concept, get people involved and make some (small) impact on people’s lives as a starting point and example of the kinds of things that NZDAO could fund & support.

The wider vision is to have a community governed funding pool which can be used to fund productive, digital first projects that push the community forward and help alleviate the stress/boredom/etc of being locked down.

Check out these two example sites, they’ll give a broad overview of what we’re aiming for, the first one is the broad overview of the initiative, the second is the first challenge that we’re looking to push forward on. Password to these webpages is ‘password’.

What we need from you! We’re currently building this list: of interesting digital experiments we could conduct! Gaming, Music, Art, Memes, these are some of the first categories we’ve landed on, but we need more ideas! Please throw in Any digital experiments we could run across New Zealand & the world while we’re all in lockdown! :hot_pepper:

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This is cool, but TBH I don’t really “get it.” Everything proposed is either things that are already happening and/or things that could be done anywhere by anyone.

Is the idea that you’ve creating a model for community development/coordination, but starting with NZ because it’s easier to coordinate and bootstrap a small community and then you’ll expand that out to more people/communities?

Or is more just that people need to learn how to leverage their skills to connect, coordinate, and create value in a digitally native way - and so starting with your local community you want to help them learn how DAOs and Web3 can help them optimize that?