Digital Closet of Metaverse Wearables and Mass-Adoption of Web3 Fashion – Grant Proposal

Hello everyone! My name is Dina Perfilieva, I’m a founder of Diverge which is a next-gen Metaverse fashion brand that creates high-end wearables that have utilities across Web3 ecosystem and beyond. Diverge was highlighted by Vogue Business, CNN, HypeBae, Vogue Taiwan as one of the most prominent digital fashion projects. You can learn more about Diverge on our website.

I’d like to apply for the Metacartel Grant Proposal in order to create a digital closet with a variety of wearables for the leading virtual worlds and deliver high-quality products which will soon be an integral part of the next generations’ lives, as wearables and fashion are becoming more important in the digital age.

Our vision is to merge realities across fashion, virtual and gaming. Our digital closet will have all the wearables that a person needs to enter or maintain their Metaverse journey. We aim to provide high-end fashion garments that can be used to explore the leading virtual worlds and gaming ecosystems. As we prepare the next generation of the fashion community, we look forward to the future where Metaverse fashion is made accessible to all through the latest technology and creators’ innovation.

People are beginning to care more about their digital closet than their physical one. With Gen Z spending increasing amounts of time socializing and engaging with immersive virtual communities, the fashion industry is taking note and adapting to meet the growing demand for digital fashion, which is rapidly gaining in prestige and influence. However, creating a wardrobe of wearables that you can wear in different Metaverses is challenging and resource-intensive undertaking.

This is where Diverge comes in. We are building an all-in-one solution where users can focus on their experience rather than the technical side. Diverge digital closet will have a variety of wearables that can be used in the leading virtual worlds. Anyone who wants to start experimenting with digital fashion can start with Diverge.

A high-fashion collection of digital collectibles that would have valuable utilities: wearables for your avatar to different virtual platforms (Decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox, Zepeto etc.), AR filters and a limited number of physical counterparts.


  1. The global Digital Fashion market size was valued at USD 119.52 million in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 187.6% during the forecast period, reaching USD 67634.64 million by 2027.
  2. A report from Kibo found that 30% of Gen Zers and 36% of Millennial consumers expect to purchase less at physical stores than before.
  3. According to Euromonitor International, global online retailing will grow by $1.5 trillion USD by 2024.
  4. Designers, brands and companies will have plenty of new opportunities to showcase their works and consumers will have a variety of new ways to explore it. This is what the next generations need and this is what Diverge is going to deliver.


  1. Establishing the partnership with the leading artists to create a unique and eye-catching design of wearables.
  2. Developing unique utilities (AR, physical counterparts, etc) that will reach Web2 and Web3 audiences and therefore mass-adoption of digital fashion.
  3. Approaching influencers, crypto and fashion media.
  4. Launching the project and constantly maintaining the engagement with the community: IRL events, educational workshops, Metaverse events etc.


  1. Dina Perfilieva – Founder of Diverge, Dina has been innovating for over a decade on what fashion e-commerce is. Has a track record of building a successful D2C fashion brand, which disrupted the fashion industry in Ukraine in 2017.

  2. Olga Yanul – Fashion curator at Diverge. She has more than 12 years of experience as a fashion director. She worked as fashion editor at Vogue and worked with talents: Milla Jovovic, Doja Cat, Monica Bellucci, Heidi Klum, Azzedine Alaia and fashion brands as Gucci, Channel, McQueen.

  3. Igor Starostyuk – Contributor creator. Specializes in creating digital clothing and environments. Has 5 years experience of working in Blender and CLO 3D. Worked with Game Development Companies. Portfolio (low res).pdf - Google Drive

  4. Anastasia Bilous — PR coordinator at Diverge. Fashion editor (ELLE), stylist and PR coordinator with more than 5 years experience in the fashion industry.

  5. Asya Sumik – Community manager with around 2 years experience in Web3 and background in the fashion industry as a model.


All grant funding will be used to pay for collection development and creation costs only and will be directly re-distributed to the teams who worked on this.The project is planned to be launched in 2023.

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