Doge DAOnation - A new giving DAO

Hello everyone,

My name is Stabby. I’m one of the 4 founders of Doge DAOnation. For a short introduction, we are an organisation of people dedicated to using tokens currently stagnant in peoples wallets to generate APY returns and use the proceeds to grant funds to good causes. The system will be maintained through several contracts over two tokens, the Doge Daonation token ($DD), and our partnership network token, The Barkchain ($BARK).

Though the idea is sold, and the cause pure, the real magic comes in the form of the way the DAO will be operated, and in the use cases it offers the partners that join the Barkchain. By accepting partner tokens and, with that, their communities tokens into our pools, we enable them to earn voting credits unique to their own community. These are then used to operate a use case that we apply to them through a mix of voting and interlaced smart contracts. This enables the communities of previously renounced contracts to make a difference as a unit to the token community they care for and those who need it in the “real world”.


A destitute landscape for community-based tokens.
Currently, there is little to no widespread understandings of tokens, contracts, and their greater place within the Ethereum virtual machine and our everyday lives. Due to this, these same unaware people are being mislead, misinformed and outright scammed out of their legitimate value.

Unused potential
Beyond the loss of value to cutthroat actors in the Ethereum space, few to none understand that the tokens themselves hold inherent value that can be utilised much like cash, through rather simple decentralised finance practices such as yield farming. This means that there is an incredible amount of lost APY sitting in the community token sphere.

No hope in sight
Though the rate of adoption is increasing, especially in the past 6 months, the rate of understanding doesn’t seem to align. The more advanced technical knowledge will always be out of the grasp of the masses, so, without some kind of intervention, there will be more “dumb money” in the Blockchain space than “smart”.


The Barkchain acts as a Haven for those who love buying Doge-style community tokens, but have been ‘bitten’ too many times by malicious developers. By forming a community of communities, decentrally controlled toward the goal of doing good, trust can be earned and old wounds overcame.

We offer access to our pool to certain Doge tokens that meet our criteria. This access highlights that the tokens being stored can be used for other purposes, selfish or not. Should our partners community members opt to stake into the pool, 80% of the staking rewards will be distributed into our “Funding Pool”, where it will be distributed to good causes based on the voting of the DAO members, and the remaining 20% into the DAO treasury, to be distributed for system maintenance and upgrades.

We’re fully aware that DAO’s require a strong base incentives in order to stay operational. We take this fact and double down by stating that every good action should be rewarded. These micro rewards enable people to give as much or little time as they wish to help good causes and be rewarded meritocratically for their efforts.


Product Set

Product for Community

  • DAO functionality for tokens of any age or size
  • Use-case functionality for their token, operated by their community.
  • Liquidity / Functionality support in line with Barkchain system requirements

Product for Individuals

  • The ability to stake currently stagnant tokens to earn APY for good causes
  • The ability to earn governance tokens (and their relevant voting vouchers) for their community token and the greater DAO
  • The Ability to benefit from discounted use cases from each of the Barkchain partners

Product for wider ecosystem

  • The use cases provided by Barkchain members will be accessible to all, providing a wide range of interoperating services (discounts only apply to DAO members holding $DD and/or $BARK and their relevant voting vouchers)


Work began on the DAO structure one month ago today and will continue for the next 10 days before launch. We have developed multiple contracts within 2 tokens and are currently in the testing phase. Auditing will take place this week and token information released prior to launch. We are confident and excited to begin work on the greater DAO. Our greatest challenge comes in the form of marketing. We do not wish to employ the use of twitter shillers and the like, so as not to draw the wrong crowd, and this has proven a road bump to an otherwise uncompromising success.

As we progress through these final 10 days, we feel that the most critical thing is to gain traction for our launch.


Our DAO formed out of the founders attempts to enable a use case onto an already locked contract. The logical hoops that we jumped through ended with us inventing a new way to compute use cases and achieve heterogeneity at the same time. By having a DAO of DAOs built to move purposefully slowly, security, stability and growth can be monitored maintained and where necessary, tweaked.

Due to profit not being our goal, the primary function of funding good causes is always passively achieved in the background. This gives our token real use that will keep people invested and coming for more despite the slow “evolution”. We believe that meticulously crafting the network functions to be able to last a theoretically infinite amount of time and remain heterogenic is the optimal way to form our network.


$4500-$10000 in Ethereum


Thus far, the project has been entirely funded by the 4 founders and a handful of our developers. Through website development, marketing materials, and token development, we have spent roughly $4000. We expected our total expenditure to lay between $4500-$1000, though it is now looking toward the latter.

Our upcoming expenses include:
*Paid advertising - We need to reach the right people before launch and this is the healthiest way to do so with what time we have.
*Marketing materials - We have an explainer video that we are very happy with, however there’s still a bit more explaining to do and it would be great to have an intro video too.


We are an open team working on many different aspects of the greater project. If you have any skills that you think would be applicable, and would like to help launch this good-cause token, then visit our website to learn more and contact myself at


Founder and Visionary. Cognisant of the Blockchain ecosystem since 2013 and active participant since 2016. Business owner and innovator.

Founder and Operations Lead. Business owner with background in Medical.

Founder and Marketing Lead. Business owner with background in construction management.

Founder and Product Architect. Business owner and digital nomad

Solidity specialist working within a large multinational communications company

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. Though your grant to properly bootstrap our DAO would be amazing, just interest and community involvement from the right people would also be incredible. We’re glad to be among others as excited for the decentralised world as ourselves.