Enhancing Smart Reader DApp with ChatGPT-4 and Advanced Contract Analysis Features


Smart Reader allows users to learn, share, and contribute information about smart contracts in a human-readable form, essentially a self-evolving wikipedia of smart contracts for enhancing development and security knowledge.

Smart-Reader converts complex contract code into an easily comprehensible document, promoting transparency and accessibility in the decentralized world. Additionally Smart-Reader will allow for users to annotate, comment and vote on comments, which will be an invaluable knowledge sharing medium in the security space. Currently, Smart Reader relies on the GPT-3.5-turbo model to analyze and interpret smart contracts as a base layer for further elaboration.


We are seeking a grant of $4000 to upgrade, enhance, and expand the Smart-Reader, a project begun at the EthDenver hackathon. This expansion includes:

  1. Incorporating the advanced ChatGPT-4 model and adding targeted prompts
  2. Enhancing the contract annotation feature
  3. Tracking user contributions and statistics
  4. Ranking contracts by activity and importance

These improvements will enable users to better understand and navigate the complex world of smart contracts development, smart contract security and the web3 ecosystem.


  1. Integration of the ChatGPT-4 model into the Smart Reader DApp.A comprehensive set of new prompts and superprompts to support user inquiries and generate more informative contract explanations.
  2. Enhanced contract annotation system with section categorization and summarization features.
  3. A ranking algorithm to prioritize contracts based on activity and importance.


ChatGPT-4 integration and testing: $1000
Contract annotation improvements: $1000
Implementation of user contribution tracking, voting, statistics: $2000

Total: $4000


Month 1: Finish all deliverables


Our grant proposal aligns with the mission of fostering innovation and growth within the decentralized ecosystem. With the requested funding, we aim to improve the Smart Reader DApp to better serve its users and make smart contract development and security knowledge-sharing more accessible, transparent, and collaborative.


GitHub: GitHub - vidvidvid/smart-reader: Utilises gpt3 to translate contracts into human readable format
Presentation video: Smart Reader - YouTube

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this is really cool.

One place I could see something like this being very usful is in on chain dao frameworks like governor, molochV3 and Safes. Would be nice to be able to try and explain some of the more complex or multicall onchain executions.

Would be great to have L2 support.

api or link to functionality, like “read more about this transaction/contract on smart reader”

I think this might be a better fit for the super scouts rather than the main DAO. Maybe why you are getting low engagement.

appreciate your feedback! we also think the tool can be potentially super useful in multiple areas of blockchain, especially if we also eventually build an api/sdk.

what are super scouts?

About the Super Scouts

Super Scouts - Give micro grants and offer support to new projects in the space to help them keep momentum when it is needed most.

The chili pods are delegated workgroups on MC DAO members that can act faster in smaller groups. A side vault is managed by this smaller team but the main dao can always pull funds and re-purpose for whatever reason.

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