ETHos Application Thread


This is our gnosis address! Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

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Name of Event

Notfellows Tokyo


Notfellows Tokyo will be the third hacker house by Notfellows (woohoo!) and our second event seeking support from ETHos :relaxed: Our first two houses provided free accommodations to ~40 builders, producing 30+ prize-winning projects in total (ETHBogota & ETHIndia). We also built lasting friendships and created unforgettable memories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The house will run from Apr 10 to Apr 17, providing free accommodations for ~20 hackers in Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo, during both DAO Tokyo and ETH Tokyo. In addition, we’ll host highly curated, intimate evening gatherings (capacity capped at 50 attendees). In the past, we’ve seen beautiful friendships and co-founder pairs arise from these events.

A sneak peek into the event location:

We will use this house as hackers’ home base, in partnership with ConsenSys and MetaCartel.

Usage of Funds

With funding from ETHos, we aim to:

  1. Produce as many prize-winning projects in ETHTokyo as possible
  2. Create opportunities for our hackers, visitors, and supporters
  3. Contribute to the East Asian crypto community socially and intellectually

Specifically, we will use the funds to cover:

  1. Hackers’ accommodations
  2. Dinners, events, and casual gatherings
  3. Design for posters, banners, and miscellaneous items
  4. Operations (labor, logistics, materials, printing, etc)

Our ask: $5000 in funding

Why does this matter?

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, we believe:

  1. Young talent is the future of crypto, and we want to help these builders succeed
  2. Co-living spaces can be magical. They give birth to not only lifelong friendships but also industry-defining ideas.
  3. This event will serve as a physical anchor point for Notfellows, its partner communities, and other groups dedicated to public goods to explore sustainable growth.

List of Other Sponsors, if applicable

Confirmed: ConsenSys, Mask Network

If funded, we will provide photos of the event and do follow-up interviews, as we should :slight_smile: We will receive funds at this address: 0xc3dED5E42904ef34004F727D7abE28137a04C920.


Thanks, Rebecca!

Does the $5k cover all the costs? Or are you receiving other sponsorship too?

And can you give a rough split across accommodation, dinner, design and ops?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the questions!!

  1. $5k doesn’t cover all costs and we are receiving other sponsorships. Right now confirmed sponsors are ConsenSys and Mask Network, both of which will provide us with $5k. We are looking for at least 2-3 more.

  2. Accommodations: roughly $130 per person per night. $130 x 20 hackers x 7 nights = $18200. This covers the common space as well.
    Design: $1000
    Dinners/events/snacks/drinks for 7 days: $5000
    Ops: $5000