ETHos Application Thread

Please use this thread to apply for funding from the ETHos Pod. What is ETHos (Thread)

Include the following details :small_red_triangle_down:

:small_red_triangle_down: Name of Event
:small_red_triangle_down: Description of Team
:small_red_triangle_down: Timeline
:small_red_triangle_down: Usage of Funds
:small_red_triangle_down: Why Does This Matter ?
:small_red_triangle_down: List of Other Sponsors, if applicable.

If funded

  • Are you able to provide photos of the event ?
  • Are you willing to do a follow up interview with a member of our team ?
  • Do you have a Gnosis safe where you can receive WETH ? (Please list it)

Hi all! Happy Thanksgiving :poultry_leg: Hope everyone here has a wonderful holiday season full of love :slight_smile:

And thanks to Yalor for putting together the ETHos Pod - amazing work! We are very grateful for the opportunity to apply for a 3k grant for the upcoming Notfellows ETHIndia Hacker House :rocket:

Name of Event

Notfellows ETHIndia Hacker House


Notfellows (started and run by Rebecca Dai, a serial crypto startup operator) is a global talent community with ~200 experienced builders founding 35+ projects in crypto. We supercharge builders by:

  1. Fostering a supportive and intellectually active community that helps each other grow
  2. Creating in-person and virtual events that stimulate deep conversations, relationship-building, and productive knowledge-sharing
  3. Hosting regional hacker houses to let the best people build worry-free

Our ETHBogota Hacker House (co-hosted by Rebecca Dai and Jessy Huang from WeHack) produced 17 killer projects in LatAm hackathons, winning 19 prizes in total. The extraordinary outcomes were driven by 1) carefully chosen hackers, 2) an intentionally curated building environment: light-hearted, genuine, but also hard-working, and 3) unreserved support from dedicated mentors covering all fields.

The ETHIndia Hacker House will adopt the same model.


The house will run from Nov 29 to Dec 5, supporting hackers in both the Starknet CC (Nov 30 - Dec 1) and ETHIndia (Dec 2 - Dec 4) hackathons.

Usage of Funds

With funding from ETHos, we aim to:

  1. Produce as many prize-winning projects as possible
  2. Create opportunities for our hackers, visitors, and supporters
  3. Contribute to the South Indian crypto community socially and intellectually

Specifically, we will allocate the funding towards:

  1. Accommodations for ~20 hackers near the hackathon venues
  2. Travel stipend for extraordinary hackers whose attendance depends on it
  3. Events and gatherings (food, drinks, venue)
  4. Labor (organizer, logistics crew, and photographer)

Why Does This Matter?

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, we also deeply believe creative spaces like this give birth to industry-defining ideas. With support from mission-aligned organizations, we hope to make magic happen :sparkles:

If funded, we will provide photos documenting the event and do a follow-up interview. We shall receive funds at this address: 0xc3dED5E42904ef34004F727D7abE28137a04C920.

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