ETHos, Chili Pod #2

In line with the newest iteration of grant giving outlined in this post Grant Giving Chili Pods we are firing up a new pod request to help further the mission of MetaCartel :metal:t4:


The ETHos working group is an IRL events experimentation group.

We propose to allocate a portion of the treasury and give grants to fund experiments in the physical gathering space, community building events, and other values aligned crypto shelling points.

The impact of MCON is undeniable and continues to reverberate among the community in the months between each event, but we must continue to support groups and operators beyond our own events. MCON is one of many future experiments that we should and could fund.

We are bringing together a small pod of contributors from globally diverse backgrounds North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. I will be facilitating the group towards collective fund raising decisions. Most of us have spent enough time in conversation with our International members to know there’s really cool shit happening there as well, the global ETH ecosystem would be well served by our support of their efforts overseas.


Starting with a small group of regionally qualified Web3 community builders we will accept applications from groups and organizations that are hosting IRL events that align with our thesis.

  • Talks focus on the builders, the innovation, social impact, not sponsors or profits.

  • Ethereum specific focused, and layer 2, not Solana, not Bitcoin, not Binance……

  • Event is a not-for-profit or akin model, iteration on sustainability is encouraged and sponsor spotlights discouraged.

We will follow the same model as the Super Scouts, outlined in this post
using 5 people in a Telegram group, with emoji voting :ballot_box:

Project #1

~ Request $$

Voting :heart: = Abstain
Voting :+1:t3: = In favor
Voting :-1:t3: = Against

Project # 2

~ Request $$

Voting :heart: = Abstain
Voting :+1:t3: = In favor
Voting :-1:t3: = Against

Etc etc etc

Any proposal that is brought by a member of the pod must receive at least 3 votes in favor to pass, if we don’t reach this minimum within 7 days of a proposal being posted it will be kindly dismissed.

We are implementing a 90 day slashing mechanism to remove any inactive members, but we generally encourage people to cycle out of their role every quarter if it’s not a good fit for them.

The basic premise of engagement: each member must cast 1 vote per region/ per quarter + present 1 grant application per quarter (3 votes, 1 proposal, every 90 days) reviewed by the group.

This group will consist of the following members at its outset:

@Yalor Mewn, overseeing North American applications,

  • Host of MCON
  • MetaCartel Operations Team
  • Global Web3 Event Organizer

@pETH, overseeing European applications,

  • Host of Intercon
  • Host of MetaFest
  • Creator of MetaGame

@See Eun Ha, overseeing Asia applications,

@Ebunayo (Awosika Ayodeji) overseeing African applications,

  • Founder Web3bridge, onboarding developers in Africa into the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Host of Web3 Lagos Conference.
  • Kernel Fellow KB1


The ETHos pod is an experienced group of global event organizers and community builders, seeking 6 months of funding (32 ETH) distributed across 4 regions. North American, European, Asian and African events.

We will request these funds into a Gnosis safe and manage them autonomously with a feedback loop every 90 days to the DAO to update the progress of the events we have funded and their various outcomes.

This groups welcomes your feedback, the proposal will remain open for review until an on-chain vote is triggered to begin allocation :money_with_wings:


Love it, thank you!

Btw my twitter account its not suspended, its just not the right handle :joy: - its @petheth, not @pethereum

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Great initiative Yalor, the regionalization will allow us to expanding and developing the DAO. On the other hand, whatever I can help the SuperScouts teams in this continent, let me know. The voting system seems more efficient and transparent, no hurt feelings.

This is a an amazing initiative. Thank you

MetaCartel does events right, and this seems like the right team to spearhead this initiative.

Only piece of feedback is if the proposal should start at 90 days so the dao can have it’s first update before approving more.

On a technical side I think the DAO should have control over the Safe, as a fallback, just like how the Scouts have it setup.


I like this initiative and I think it addresses a latent concern I’ve had thinking about when and to what degree it’s appropriate to use DAO funds to sponsor IRL events that can only be attended by a subset of the membership.

Right now we have an ad hoc IRL sponsorship process that generally defaults to yes if the sponsor is well regarded, but this method doesn’t have any inherent limits or pre-conditions so tends to drift toward likely over- or under-allocation based on the level of sponsor initiative.

This proposal puts $ and time bounds on the IRL event pace and suggests a ratio of the amount of resources that should go into this form of community support compared with the overall resources of the DAO. The ratio proposed here, as well as the design of the program, are in my view well tailored for a first round.


To be clear, we might spend all the funding in 90 days if the events we are curating are doing well. I made the 6 month timeline to ensure that we have time to setup and execute some feedback loops before we request more funds.

In the future we might even solicit fund from other values aligned orgs,thereby reducing any requests from MC down to a partial sponsorship. Still tbd, but I would prefer to request the same as the other scout group to give us the runaway needed to deliver.

I am fine with the DAO having fall-back ownership of the safe.

I think this has enough positive signal so move forward with a vote, I already have a few projects in the pipeline that could use funding for ETHindia this year, & European events starting early next year so I’m going to put it to a vote.

Look forward to getting the DAO’s full support on this one :metal:t4:


I have a bit of whiplash from Yalor saying the cartel is dead last week, to using it for cool positive sum stuff today. That said… this is a good proposal and I think the more IRL events we support strategically to bring people into web3 the better.

Can we do the thing dekan said here though please? This seems a bit more DAO-y

Also generally… I’m pro fast tracking just giving away the rest of the money in treasury if the right projects are there to fund.

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I love this proposal and it is an excellent model going forward. Fully support.

GM beautiful :hot_pepper: fam! This happens to be my first post in the MetaCartel Forum.

I’m @See Eun Ha crossing over from Venture DAO land. My intention is that more diverse fresh blood is added to MetaCartel through the ETHos working group and MC gets more exposure in different corners of crypto to spread its culture/vibes.

I have experience founding and operating a co-working, co-living hacker space called nonce in Seoul, Korea. I kicked it off in 2018 and left in 2021 to pursue DAOs full time and nonce is still going! :muscle: Through this I’ve experienced first hand the special power that IRL events hold.

I’m honored I can contribute. :bowing_man:


super stoked to see this initiative. firm believer in the unique value created at high signal irl gatherings.