Funding for ETHPorto

ETHPorto is happening for the first time March 16-18. Most people are attending ETHDenver, taking place around the same time, so having a MetaCartel presence at ETHPorto creates new and different opportunities.

Despite MetaCartel’s uber successful presence in Denver, we are still an International Organization. As noted in ETHos, Chili Pod #2there is a lot of cool shit happening internationally.

There is not (yet) a communications platform for conference attendees, but I am in touch with the organizers and they have agreed to create a Telegram group so that attendees can connect and start collaborating.

Value to MetaCartel

  • Exposure to Web3 community internationally (approximate number will be known once the TG group goes live)
  • Make connections with builders, DAOers, etc. internationally
  • Identify new grantee opportunities
  • Identify new DAO collaboration opportunities

My Ask

I am asking for ~$2-4k to cover my travel expenses from the US to Porto.

I am open to additional ways to maximize value for MetaCartel, e.g., hosting an event, so please fire away with feedback and ideas.

Relevant Links

ETHPorto Twitter
ETHPorto Website

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Hey @rika.sukenik6 I love the idea of supporting more global events, ETHporto sounds like an amazing event to attend :raised_hands:t3:

However, I have not seen anyone previously get their travel and accommodations sponsored in this way though so it would be a new president for the DAO.

Curious to hear others opinions on the matter :speech_balloon:

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@Yalor I understand that this would be a new precedent for the DAO! In addition to the ‘Value to MetaCartel’ that I outlined, I can also write up content after the event. As mentioned, this is a brand new conference that will probably attract a different international crowd than the one who will attend EthDenver, so the ground is fertile to write up post-conference content.

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