ETHos, Chili Pod #2

I support this. In season one, this proved to be an effective and efficient use of funds for IRL events across the globe. I fully expect that this diverse group of stewards can take the learnings of the prior season and scale into a larger and even more successful season 2.

I especially love the low-interest loan experimentation, as it can help enable an even greater number of events while still bringing back the original funds to the treasury for further experimentation and grants.

amazing!!! thank you for coordinating this

agreed with other suggestions that this should be coordinated as a DAO

additionally there should be a Fellowship program to help coordinate and scale this

Thank you for all the support and positive feedback on this proposal, i will be moving it to an onchain vote soon so we can get things rolling :saluting_face:

This initiative needs to be gathering outside sponsors to cover budgets. This is 1/3 of the treasury and has no sustainable mechanics proposed.


Why not do grants through meta cartel, instead of Ethos? I think the 32 eth for events is actually a good way to give away the rest of our money in a high impact way. But I dont really understand why the amount has doubled from the last one.

Document and share: After a funded event has occurred, interviews with event organizers are scheduled to collect information about how ETHos could have helped more, what organizers can do to run successful events, and what to avoid when planning an event.

Love this^, and I would like to see more of this from the first ethos grant before we fund the second one please.

The Librate project team was not done by nonce hackers, or at the house funded. That team stayed at and hacked at and got mentorship at the Keyp Castle for free, so I dont understand why that is in here as an example of first funding success. Seems a little misleading, no?

Doing scribe work for ETHos has given me a witnessing perspective. What I appreciate the most about this pod is the commitment to offering not only support in eth, but also offering time in an advisory sync. There’s also meetings and notes on what can be learned from each sponsored event to improve the work of ETHos pod. The stewards don’t just want to improve, they are doing the work to make improvements.

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In reviewing the Raid Guild & Nonce hack efforts, all hackathon projects from Nonce and Raid Guild were considered a success of the efforts, of which Keyp was a significant supporter. Thank you Joseph for opening up beds and space at the Keyp Castle! We couldn’t have had that great all night hacking night without you! (and, it was a really great night!)

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MC Scaling to Brazil and LATAM

Oi! Bom dia! :brazil: :smiley: We’re organizing ETH Samba in Brazil and want to get Metcartel involved! As MetaCartel continues to grow and take on new shape— I think it is super important to support and gain presence in emerging markets, especially in Brazil where there’s an abundance of great dev talent…

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I love the initiative but also didn’t understand this bit…
As scott pointed out, this is now a very significant portion of the treasury.

I do want to point out that there’s been a lot of talk about sustainability inside the group since the first batch.
One of the ideas being discussed was borrowing instead of granting to help event projects get off the ground.
Another, more promising imo, is aggregating grants from bigger Ethereum-aligned projects & dispersing them to smaller events.
I think this makes a lot of sense because bigger projects dont want the overheads of vetting & deciding on sponsoring smaller events, especially meetups. A lot of them would rather give a lump sum to proven allocators & not worry about it - which is exactly where ETHos steps in, as a kind of a sponsorship aggregator.

I remember talks of ETHos being supported by ConsenSys but idk if they materialized yet?

Anyway, voting yes but expecting there to be a conclusion to the question of sustainability &/or backing by a bunch of other orgs if/when there’s a Part III

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This is a great initiative and I love to see the progress… But I have to echo the others here that the grant is too much.

because this is based on events, has a proven track record, it seems ripe for outside sponsorship. a sponsorship aggregator as @pETH mentioned.

we have never given a grant this big for anything. internal projects, pods, ops, it just seems outside our guidelines. So i agree with @scottrepreneur here.

it basically captures the MC treasury for a new initiative. I think it is great that the first round has bootstrapped something cool like this, it’s a testament to MetaCartel. But the well will be dry to help kick off other new projects if this goes through.

I would support a smaller grant, but not supporting this as it is.

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Why not just send individual proposals for each event so they can be reviewed at Town Hall every Tuesday?

It’s really cheap to do Governance on Gnosis Chain

Thanks for this feedback, I think some things need further clarification on what we’re asking for here:

@pETH is running this August and needs about $50k in funding to pull the event off, we requested this 66 ETH to be able to cover a $20-50k loan to pETH in stables, then roughly 30 ETH as collateral for the loan. We can offer this at whatever interest rate the group agrees to ( between 1-3%) that goes back into sustainable management solutions.

This money is not gone per say, it’s just out on loan to a member of our community that is putting on a valuable event for the wider community. After the event wraps and pETH repays the loan we can decide what to do with the remaining funds, send back to the treasury, do more sustainable experiments, or fund more micro grants and as a final point the funds will always be deployed as a minion on DAOhaus so they can be voted back into the main treasury at any point in time if this DAO becomes inactive for any reason.

pETH planned to ask the DAO to support this initiative directly, but knowing how the DebtDAO system works this was a required step that we’d have to do with the funds anyway, so I put forth this proposal as a way to slay 2 birds with one stone :dove:_​:dove:

One thing that I ran into last year with MCON was pressure from sponsors to sell branded spots at the event, paid speaker slots, and late payments from those orgs.

We are offering to steward the funds needed for making this tool accessible to organizers now, namely pETH but afterwards to other organizations that are in the same position without sacrificing the quality and the integrity of the events they are organizing.

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Agree with a lot of the others that 66 ETH seems on the high side. Generally, like this initiative and would be a solid “yes” if the ask was for 32 ETH again.

I’m down for supporting the best events in the world.

And also interested in how DAOs can lend working capital to members in order to put on the best events in the world.

More details would be appreciated.

And definitely want active updates through the process.



Thanks @Sky and thanks to everyone for the thoughtful discussion around this proposal. I know it’s a big one :point_up: and now that it’s passed I’m committed to providing the highest value ROI to the DAO so that everyone knows we’ve made a good move by allocating to IRL events with this portion of the treasury.

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I’d love to share the Ethereum and MetaCartel culture in Los Angeles. We have a large crypto community but most of the events that have come through so far are missing the vibes that make MCON the preeminent destination for DAOs and web3 in general. I’d like to launch ETH LA or am offshoot of MCON with the support of this group and the funds dedicated for this purpose. What’s the best way to get started?


I love this ideas, let’s talk about it :saluting_face: hit my DM’s