MC @ ETH Samba Hackathon in Brazil

ETH Samba Hack

An Ethereum Bootcamp, Hackathon and Conference
Museu da República, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 31st - April 2nd
1,000 Attendees

Oi! Bom dia! :brazil: :smiley: We’re organizing ETH Samba in Brazil and want to get Metcartel involved! As MetaCartel continues to grow and take on new shape— I think it is super important to support and gain presence in emerging markets, especially in Brazil where there’s an abundance of great dev talent…


ETHSamba is an Ethereum meta-community in Brazil on a mission to spread the Ethereum ethos, with focus on transferring knowledge and also looking to increase use and adoption of Ethereum in the LATAM ecosystem while supporting and fomenting the next generation of developers, researchers, and community folks in Brazil and LATAM, to build more products and projects on Ethereum.

ETHSamba Hack, is the first major conference organized by the community in Rio de Janeiro from March 31st to April 2nd. It consists of an entire day of Bootcamp on Day 1 (Friday) with the kick-off of the Hackathon early evening. On Day 2 the core festival starts in a conference format, ending on Day 3 (Sunday) with judging, announcement and distribution of prizes to the winning projects of the Hackathon. ETHSamba Hack is supported by partners such as Chain Link, Celo, Lens, Aurora, Fuel, Bankless BR, TaiKai and Defiant.

Here’s the full deck:

A few of the topics that we are aiming to explore (open to other relevant suggestions from confirmed partners):

  • Modular architecture
  • On-chain reputation
  • How to improve infrastructure and increase velocity without jeopardizing decentralization


  • Solange, Chainlink
  • Marcos Navarro, Wgmi
  • Thiago Catarino, ETHSamba
  • Luca Cosivi, ETHSamba
  • Jeff Beltrão, Chainlink
  • Ester Fonseca, (Food Autonomy and Mutual Empowerment)
  • Henrique Aragon, Polygon
  • Felipe Faria, The Sandbox Game
  • Lucas Vianna, Insano Creative Lab


  • $5k xDAI
  • ETH Samba safe address (gno): 0x682552053c1B6905F3115a8877fB8279145ba4B8


  • Speaking slots (DM me if you would like to apply!)
  • 5+ Tickets
  • Sponsor logo presence on website and IRL

If anybody would like to get in touch with the team, or join the Telegram group — please let me know!

Marcos Navarro
Steward, Wgmi DAO
Tg: @marcosnavarro

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Thanks @Marcos_Ubatuba for this proposal, I have a few questions for starters :speech_balloon:

This event is coming up VERY soon, April 31st assuming you all have been planning this for a while, do you have the venue in place, the catering, registrations and signups already completed ?

~ Where are you advertising this event ?

~ Who is your target audience for attendees ?

~ Who is the current speaker line up, on what kind of things will they speak ?

~ If you did not receive this funding, would your event still happen ?


Thanks for the questions @Yalor :sparkles: :pray:

The dates for the event along with most of the info requested is on the proposal

~The event runs from March 31st to April 2nd

~ Venue is confirmed:
Museu da República (Museum of the Republic), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

— Also, currently negotiating with a nearby satellite venue attached to the main one for extra rooms

~ The event is being advertised mainly on twitter and with the support of media partners such as Bankless BR, The Defiant and Coin Telegraph BR

~ Target audience: developers, community organizers, designers, scientists and enthusiasts

~ Speakers confirmed:
• Alex van de Sande who will do an intro of the conference talking about Ethereum past and future
• Solange Gueiros will be the “Dean” coordinating the programming and curriculum of the Bootcamp
• Cami Ramos Head of Dev rel at Fuel will talk about bringing modularity to ethereum
• Nader Dabit Director of Dev rel at Lens and Aave will talk about web3 social media
• more confirmed speakers can be viewed on the website

~ Given the short timeframe for sponsorship outreach and distribution of vendor payments, we’re looking for very supportive partners to help us execute. The event will happen regardless, but Metacartel could really bring a positive outcome to the Brazil Ethereum dev community by coming in the clutch!

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Appreciate the focus on spreading Ethereum ethos and transferring knowledge!

What was the attendee/participant process? Like, how did someone signal that they want to participate? And, was there an acceptance process, or are you able to accommodate everyone who wants to be there?


Hi Christina! Thank you for your questions! :pray:

All attendees can apply for free by filling out one of the two different application forms that can be found on

Acceptance process:

  • For attendees only attending the conference the acceptance process is very simple and straight forward. Everyone will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis until we reach full capacity. Other than that,
    applications will only be declined if they are duplicate or incomplete.

  • For those attending the Bootcamp and Hackathon it is a different process that it aims to curate and assure a good balance of skills while also looking out for DEI vibes.:sparkles:

Newcomers will be able to attend the Bootcamp, and regular to more advanced users will be able to attend Workshops to learn/sharpen some of their skills before the hackathon :smiley:

Thank you @Marcos_Ubatuba for putting this together!

Few reasons I’m bullish on ETH Samba…

1/ Brazil is a major hub for builders — I personally spent a lot of time in Brazil and have been extremely impressed with the developer, designer, and entrepreneur caliber coming out of the region. With a variety of economic, social, government, and regulatory challenges— Ethereum can play an important role in freeing independent ideas powered by web3. The Ethereum community has identified LatAm as a region we should take special interest in and with Devcon 2022 being in Bogotá, Colombia, we were able to experience the impact first hand. What I took away was that we’re simply not doing enough in LatAm. We do plenty in North America and Europe, but we need to support emerging market initiatives as Metacartel to scale the ecosystem. The execution, and quality may not be up to par with what we see in most Ethereum events, but it’s our role to guide these regions to meeting the expectations of the EVM ecosystem.

2/ The organizers are gangster af— Marcos Navarro and Solange Gueiros (Chainlink) helped co-organize Camp Buidl at ETH Denver 2023 recently to onboard 500 new Ethereans to the ecosystem. Beautifully executed event, while taking the extra steps to onboard newcomers who had limited context around Ethereum. It’s a tough job! Marcos is also the co-organizer to DAO NYC, Integración (ETH Bogotá, Metacartel/ConsenSys/Wgmi), other major ecosystem events, and core contributor to Wgmi DAO. This team executes and I have no doubt in their ability to make this gathering amazing.


  • I would be completely for ETHos supporting ETH Samba!
  • Solange Gueiros would be a HUGE addition to ETHos as a steward for LatAm events… I would like to believe that this would be a good experiment or proof of contribution to test out the relationship
  • With Metacartel involved, there should be some boots on ground… would anybody from MC be willing to travel and potentially host a workshop, speak on a panel?

Much love chilli fam! :v::hot_pepper:

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We are glad to announce our support for this event :loud_sound: go forth and spread the vibes @Marcos_Ubatuba

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The ETH Samba community is very honored and thrilled to receive the support from Meta Cartel through ETHos Pod #2!

We look forward to nurturing this relationship and collaborating on future partnerships to help spread the Ethos of Ethereum, and to help increase adoption while supporting the next gen of devs in LATAM + Brazil — The region has a population of 1.5 B ppl, it is located in timezones that are compatible with both North America and Europe, it has been producing a lot of high caliber devs in different ecosystems since the first tech boom back in the web1 days, and it ranks as having one of the highest adoption growth potentials for Ethereum among all emerging markets in the next years.

With the help from ETHos Pod #2 we were able to pull off an amazing event this past weekend!
It was the very 1st edition of ETH Samba Hack in Rio. Thank you so much for coming onboard with us! :sparkles: :pray: :sob:

Here is a quick run down of what happend along with some facts pulled from our post-mortem so far:

We prize for DEI vibes :sparkles: and were able to have 500+ well curated attendees and 300 devs come through the event over the weekend! The programming counted with a Bootcamp, Workshops and a 3-day hackathon that distributed USD16K in prizes to the winners of the 35 projects that participating on the hack that took place at the garden of a 43000 sqft colonial property overlooking Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro. :brazil:

Thanks again and much love to you all chilli fam! :heart_hands: :hot_pepper:

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