Web3 Lagos Conference

Web3 Lagos Conference is the main Ethereum focused conference in Nigeria that started in 2022, the previous event brought together all known communities in Nigeria together with the growing number of Ethereum developers trained by Web3bridge.

The event was meant to be named as ETHLagos or ETH Nigeria, however many teams lay claim to the name without hosting an actual Ethereum event hence the reason why the event was tagged Web3 Lagos Conference.

The 2022 event was a 3-day event that started with a hackathon which ended after the event and several other events including; workshop, networking, career fair, panel session, talks, main event, etc.

The 2022 event had seven hundred and twenty seven (727) participants in physical attendance and 83 hackers despite preparing for less than seven (7) weeks.

We are taking an early start in preparation for the 2023 edition of the conference and we are working at having an unconference design of the conference where we can achieve more learning, networking and workshop. Also we will be opening the hackathon early, preferably we will love to work with the ETHGlobal team or we run it by ourselves.
Images from 2022 event

Timeline and Location
Hackathon: July 24th to August 15th, 2012

Timeline: August 17th to 19th, 2023

Location: Lagos Nigeria

Fund Usage & Amount Requested

  • Hackathon reward
  • Venue Rental
  • Media
  • Publicity and branding

Amount Requested


Hackathon winning - $3,000

Event - $4,000

Why does this matter

There have been loads of events in Africa however, there are little or no Ethereum focused events that can be a connecting points for Ethereum lovers and community members and also breed new community members.

The feedback from the 2022 event was a positive one and with over ten (10) university campus clubs represented at the event, we are expecting a surge in events especially ETH related events in 2023

List of Sponsors

At the moment we have not confirmed other sponsors or can tell if there will be sponsors who will be retaining their spot from the last conference. However, we had Ethereum Foundation, Polygon as part of the last event.

If funded?

  • Able to provide photos? Yes
  • Willing to do an interview? Yes
  • Gnosis


Hey @Ebunayo thanks for this post, in reference to the below, would this be one of the prizes or all of them ?

My thinking is we could let other sponsors pickup the winner prizes, as they often have tech they can promote during the event and we could cover the operational costs of the event.

it will be part of the prize pool and I agree with you that other sponsors should pick winner prizes