3mo Retrospective Feedback - Scout Chili Pod

MetaCartel Super Scouts Chili Pod 3mo

3 month update

*posting this from the townhall presentation this week

Winners of the MetaCatel Chili Pod (Super Scout) program. 1-2.5 ETH Grants


  • Symmetrical
  • Emergence
  • BattleZips
  • ESP
  • FUX

About the Super Scouts

Super Scouts - Give micro grants and offer support to new projects in the space to help them keep momentum when it is needed most.

The chili pods are delegated workgroups on MC DAO members that can act faster in smaller groups. A side vault is managed by this smaller team but the main dao can always pull funds and re-purpose for whatever reason.

some notes on the delegated scouts program

original forum post:

Rules of engagement:

  • Write up a proposal in this telegram group chat (why the project is exciting, the success case / outcome of the project 1 year later)
  • Emoji voting (needs net voting consensus / same as molochs)

:+1: = yes vote
:-1: = no vote (counters yes votes)
:heart: = abstain / neutral vote

Grants Safe on Gnosis Chain: Safe

Grants Safe on mainnet: Safe

Grant winners

VOTING: Grants proposal (5k USD)

Project: Symmetrical

  • Community of Gen Z Web3 folks
  • Wants to launch a grants program to support Gen Z builders
  • Value prop = help projects get user feedback from Gen Z web3 users
  • Eventually want to incubate projects + setup an investment DAO
  • Personally been in touch lightly advising for over last 5 months
  • Two co-founders, generally good at listening / taking advice, originally wanted to launch a Gen Z focused investment syndicate but convinced them to focus on doing grants first (much better learnings than running a syndicate which is mostly just sales/marketing)

Members: Airtable - All Members

Governance: Snapshot

scout: pet3rpan
results: 6 yes

follow up:
How is your project doing (any new updates or progress)?

Project going extremely well. We Onboarded a few extra value add members and we are a total of 64 right now. We have gotten into Seed Club and we are currently preparing for a token launch for demo day. We have doubled down on content production hosting twitter spaces, writing articles and producing podcasts to establish our position as the genZ DAO. We are about to give out our first grant to Heat Check(prev. My Jerry)

Was the grant money useful at this stage of your project?

Extremely helpful in supporting early stage web3 x consumer projects

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would extremely appreciate if we could get in touch more regularly to get guidance from you on building The Symmetrical out. Maybe a biweekly 30 min chat?

2 eth

Project: Emergence
Emergence is an on-chain video platform that distribute tokens during calls + generates a script for DAO documentation + increases DAO health and onboarding quality.

Winners at EthMexico

Demo and info: Emergence | ETHGlobal

Answers to baseline questions

results: 4 yes 1 abstain
scout: dekan, tae

follow up:
thanks for checking in. To answer your questions directly, the grant money was useful in keeping the team focused initially, as we also applied for other grants and accelerator programs. However, several team members received other incentives to work on StarkNet related projects, while others already had full-time jobs, so the team is rather fragmented at the moment. We still conduct bi-weekly meetings, so as you said, perhaps we can coalesce and reboot.

Part 1 of 4 Grants proposal (1 eth)

Four milestones for 1 eth each, each reviewed and voted on (4 eth total)
progress tracked here CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 workspace'}

Project: Battle Zips
it’s a battleship game that uses zk, state channels and roll ups. basically the most advanced battleship game ever lol. Maybe not the sexiest thing but the point is to experiment with blockchain application layer and make a simple game that feels like web2 but is fully web3.

a great team of 2 guys that are pushing the limits of zk tech, they are trying tobootstrap a zk consulting/dev agency (https://mach34.space/).

They won a grant from EF but after the ofac mess they seem to be getting the runaround and I’m afraid they are losing momentum

Site: https://battlezips.com/
Core repo: GitHub - BattleZips/BattleZips: Zero-knowledge arithmetic circuit implementation for on-chain Battleship Game
Frontend repo: GitHub - BattleZips/battlezip-frontend: Frontend implementation of Battlezip
Dorahacks info: https://dorahacks.io/buidl/2079

discord @jp4g @Brightir

results: 6 yes
scout: dekan, jamesY

follow up:

  • BattleZips V2 is still in the thick of the Halo 2 ZK framework. We are still building the privacy proofs that will be accumulated in the state channel proof.
  • All financial assistance is appreciated in the scope of building FOSS (GNU GPLv3) software with no direct monetization scheme
  • ZK State Channels - Coming Soon™

2.5 eth

Project: ESP - Extensibe Signaling Primitive

On chain signaling primitive/protocol and prototype app

scout notes here

results: 5 yes
scout: dekan, isaac

follow up:
I haven’t been able to make much progress, as the grant came right before Glitch, a two week residency that has been occupying most of my time… I will be getting more work done after it ends in a week.

I haven’t used the money yet, which is still sitting in the receiving safe - although I’m expecting it to be useful for some critical front end developments which implement the contracts
current demo https://esp-alpha.netlify.app/

2.5 eth

Project: FUX

Onchain workstream orchestration tool (similar to coordinape) with an interesting p2p signaling mechanic for team member commitment and funding allocation
Scout notes: FUX PROTOCOL - HackMD

results: 5 yes, 1 abstain
scout: dekan

follow up:
How is your project doing (any new updates or progress)?

  • Good! We’re moving to MVP release. We were discussing what to do with data objects (since we have workstreams, contributors, evaluations) and agreed on moving forward with the Graph.
  • Ven is polishing the UX for first release
  • Sas is working on the documentation for the ‘friends and family’
  • Aiming to get it out the door in the next few weeks

Was the grant money useful at this stage of your project?

  • It came just at the right time since we decided to move towards the Graph and that could come with cost in the near future.
  • It validates the idea we have and that others also see value in it
  • We could use it to rewards early stage users via workstream funding or simply tipping.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

  • The quick funding of relatively small ETH amount really is an appealing mechanic. It can allow you to dedicate more time to your project and can help you covering costs like deployment, Graph and possibly rewarding beta users or funding the first workstream.
  • And, simply: thanks :pray:


Thanks for doing this @Dekan I think the reporting and accountability of our pods is a really important practice that should become a staple of the grant giving feedback loop :arrows_counterclockwise:

We lost that at some point in time for the main grants process…

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BattleZips wasn’t really sourced from this program imo. I think it coincided nicely with when this effort was spun up, but I was already in talks with them getting a grant back at EthDenver. Appreciate the report anyhow. Accountability is great.

I don’t think the speed at which these grants were given impacted the usefulness, but that the (scout) team is highly aligned with the projects they’re granting and will be along in the journey for going beyond the grant dollars.